Good kit to start on?

I’m wondering what’s a good kit to start on? I have two nice kits that I don’t want to mess up. What’s a good cheap kit to try? I thought test parts but I would rather try a baby first. I’m using air dry, golden and liquitex mediums and varnishes.

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A closed eye kit with not so many creases. Newborn size


Seconds of lane is a good one. He on sale for 17.97


Just my opinion, but if you ever plan to graduate onto your higher end kits, I would suggest you start there. Meaning find a a second BB kit that has a lot of detail and practice on it. There’s no real since in practicing on something flat (kit containing no detail), as creases and shading make up a huge part of the realism, and are one of the things folks struggle the most with (dirty creases). So if you don’t practice and get comfy doing them, then by the time you move to your high end babies you’re still essentially going to be starting with beginner skills. Don’t be afraid of details…not all creases are meant to be painted.

I do agree about the closed eyes though.


Thank you! I’ll try him first. I’ve had him on my list. He’s cute and not too complicated.

A lot of the realborns seconds are on sale -like Landon - he’s a sweetheart:)

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I have Ana which is a sweetie. I don’t want to mess her up. She has so many creases and is so tiny.

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Landon is a good size - and remember unless u melt it -you can’t really mess it up -anything can be stripped if you don’t like it :slight_smile: just take your time and enjoy :blush:


What about Chrisy? I like Landon but I’m not sure he’d make a good girl. Let me look at him again and see if I can imagine him in pink!

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Landon makes an adorable little girl!!


Thank you! I’m scared the most about eyebrows and rooting. And the creases bother me a lot. I want to start with a kit I love, not something simple. I’m scared to make mistakes and destroy a nice kit.

I would suggest you DON’T pick one that looks like a DOLL, you won’t be happy with it!! JMO


I’ve seen some babies that look like dolls because of kits. I just found the cutest Landon on here as a girl. He’s @cherielynn09 baby. What darling girl! Which kits would you recommend I steer clear of or get @lynn?

Her ears are not nice, they don’t even look like real ears.

Too doll looking?

I’ve seen better ears on dolls. They are kind of like "C"s on the side of her head with a dent in them. Just no detail and not realistic. I made her before and then rooted hair and didn’t cut it too short so that it kind of went over her ears a bit to try and hide them.

Not sure how good you can see them in this picture. I think Kendal has the same ones.

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Her ears have zero detailing. They’re the beginning of ears. Yeah, I’ll pass on her. Thanks for letting me know!

It might be easier to get a baby with open hands instead of in fists. Sometimes it’s harder to try and get in those little fists to paint than with open hands.

I noticed that in videos. Also some kits have poor details in the fists so it might be harder to paint well.

Yes, that’s true. Lane was mentioned earlier and that might be the case with him. His hands are pretty tiny and the way his fingers are bent they are a little harder to paint. I’ve done a few of him and had some where the detail showed up as less of an imprint in the vinyl than others for whatever reason even though it was the same kit. You might not care for the faces, but Jacelyn and Celeste have nice big hands and feet that are easy to paint. The hands are mostly open and the size of them really helps. I wouldn’t recommend Celeste for a first baby though because of the open mouth. If it came down to open eyes or open mouth I’d say go for the open eyes. Really the open eyes are not harder because of the painting, it would just be inserting the eyes that you wouldn’t otherwise have to do. The bigger issue would be with eyelashes I would say. Whether rooting them or applying them, open eyes are harder.

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