Glazing eyes - confused

its amazing the difference when you put in the eyes! Question… I have seen tutorials where the eye is completely covered in Alene’s paper glaze, and also have read… Not to cover the whole eye. Just lightly brush on white parts and along the lashes. Which do you feel is the best way?

Don’t use paper glaze. If you get it too thick it may never turn completely clear and you will be very frustrated. Use a gloss varnish…Delta Ceramcoat, Americana, or another similar. Very carefully drip the gloss drop by drop until you have enough to cover the entire eye. READ THIS TUTORIAL

This tutorial gave me the encouragement to try this. It’s amazing the difference it makes. Be careful…don’t drip on the doll’s face and if you get too much in the corners take it out like Debbie shows. You will be amazed and never not gloss the eyes again.


Thank you so much! Figures I just bought the paper glaze! Lol

I use the Delta gloss sealer and have for years. I tried the Paper Glaze but it is hard to get it in evenly and smooth. I do not apply the Delta as thickly as Debbie does in her tutorial but I do apply it over the whole eye. Never had any to yellow and it holds up well over time for me.


How do you apply it thinner?

I don’t either Angie. I don’t let it puddle quite so deep on the edges. It takes way too long to dry and I get nervous until it’s completley clear. I would rather do two much thinner layers than one thick one.


I have only used the paper glaze so far. The one thing about it is that you have to make sure that it is mixed well before applying it. The liquids inside the bottle separate so you have to make sure it is mixed. I learned that the hard way. I rotate the bottle vertically several times. Shaking it will cause bubbles. I put a drop on the center of the eye and spread it out with a toothpick over the eye.

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I just do not put as much into the eye to begin with. I don’t let it puddle up. I usually let 1 or 2 drops fall of the paint brush and quickly spread it so that it covers the whole eye and seals the eyelash strip. You have to work quickly to spread it so it does not have brush strokes in it as well. Mine is usually dry to the touch in 1-2 hours but I let it cure overnight. I also sit the head on a rooting pillow or something face up and so that it is tilted back a little so that the glazing is sure to meet the edge of the eyelash strip and coat it well.

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I am going to try on Jeffery, as soon as I get home!:smile:

Btw, Jeffery is my experiment doll:-) he has been through EVERYTHIING.


I got this vivid of picture of you in a lab, kind of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, cackling madly as you experiment on your doll. :laughing: I think I need more sleep.


Poor Jeffrey!


I know!!! He is such a good sport!!! He was the UGLIEST sculpt I had ever seen. But, by now… I am in love. I hope I don’t ruin his pretty green eyes. His poor hair was bad enough!


Angie, I did it like the tutorial but was thinking about mixing the water with a bit of glue in a little dish I use for the paints. The glue/water mix hasn’t just fallen off the brush like the tut…it has to be touched to the eye before it comes off the brush.

Hmmmm. I am not sue if the glue will dry hard like the sealers do. As long as it does and does not turn sticky over time it might work. I would be concerned about it becoming cloudy though…

I’ve always used Debbie Henshaw’s (They Never Grow Up Nursery) Ceramacoat method. It’s marvelous.

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Is this the one?

NOPE! It is Ceramcoat Gloss Exterior/Interior Varnish.


Oh geez, Thanks pia!


I’ve used it (not on eyes, but in the mouth). I put it in thick and as soon as it dried. It was completely clear. Worked like a charm.