Glass bead size

What is the best size glass beads that will not come out of the stockings? Do you use the same size in the limbs or does something smaller work better for that? I have ordered the BB ones but looking for another source to buy in bulk. I have tried researching them but got so confused with all the different sizes and types available.


BB size is Mil 3 or 20-30 sieve.

I use that size in the head and torso pouches.

I bought some beads from Walmart in a 50 lb bucket and it is smaller I think 50-70 sieve (higher number means smaller bead) and I use that in the limbs. I aways use plugs as well. (these seep out of stockings)


Thank you. That is very helpful. I had just gotten myself so confused with so many different options. Thank you for simplifying if for me.


I use surgical gloves for the head and torso, after I fill whatever amount I want I let the air out and tie in a knot. I’ve been doing this since I started, never had a problem.

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I bought 30-40 grit is that too small for the nylons? I just switched who I buy it from and I’m worried now

I think that might be considered mil 4. I use stockings so I am not sure about if it will seep. (occasionally the new thicker nylons from BB)

I have not used mil 4. I have used mil 1, mil 2 and mil 3 from Abrasive Armory (but they no longer carry the sizes I used, last I checked anyways)

I think it would depend on the stocking you use.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I do exactly what @jlesser does (because she told me so :slight_smile: )
I use BB’s in head and body (I just double wrapping them in the thick long nylon socks) and smaller from Abrasive Armory in the imbs.


Which size do you like best for the body mil 1, mil 2 or mil 3?

I like the 3. The bigger ones make crunchy noises if squeezed



Did you have a link for the walmart ones that you use?

has anyone tried these?

This sieve size will be very fine like dust. Mine is from Ballotini also and 50-70 sieve and tiny.

Here is the size difference between 20-30 (bountiful baby size) and 50-70


Is MIL 3 the BB size?

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BB as in Bountiful Baby size

Yes. I found some MIL 3 20-30 grit but I don’t know if they’re too small.


That should be right

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Thanks, Jenni.

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Is this what you use?