Found this while cleaning:

Found this while cleaning out my childhood home. Even nine year old me was doing calculations for dolly dollars :joy: not much has changed!


That’s awesome! :heart:

So cute … keep it forever.

That is a treasure!! I just purchased my childhood doll a few days ago from eBay, he was with me u til I had my first child. I believe my mom tossed him after I moved out :frowning: She had a friend that had a baby named Austin around the time I got my doll- naturally, I named my doll “Baby Austin”, and I struggled to find out what he even was for years now!!! I was so excited to find her/him on eBay. Lol, childhood memories are the best


I got my childhood doll on ebay too! I know and understand that feeling. I had quite a few dolls but the one I got reminded me of my Mom’s love.

That’s amazing and a treasure!! Frame it :slight_smile: