First attempt at hair painting on biracial Bean

Although I was going to root him, out of the blue I picked up my paint brush and decided to paint his hair to see what it would look like and continued gping lol and even did his brows lol. I know I need a lot of practice but I will get there one day.



Great Job, it looks beautiful!!! :smile:

I’m not an expert but I love the top front more and his eyebrows. I doubt I can ever attempt hair-painting. I even opted for rooting eyebrows cos I’m scared of painting them.

@missannie2 Thank you!

@ForeverFaith thanl you. Those are my fav parts too. I’m going to re do the back to make it look a little better. You should try. I’ve always been nervous and just jumped in and did it lol.

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And I think with a ribbon he will make a cute girl.

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Very adorable.

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Jumping in is the best way to start! I think you did a great job…and you will just keep getting better and better! :heart:

Thank you!

Looks amazing!