Favorite kits?

What are the favorite kits that you are holding on to?

What are you waiting for?

I am bad and I’m a “kit” collector lol

My fav collections are the original realborns
And Thomas
I have all thier awake and asleep versions and I’m afraid to paint them

Not that they are worth anything to anyone but me

I also just completed my Tibby, Tessa, Taylor and stinker collection.

I’m on a toddler kick so I’ll probably paint those this year

Another is the muffin, puddin, dumplin & punkin quads :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Other than that I’m saving Macie brace, Pippa Blick, Tayra legler as portrait babies of my kids.

I have my painted Pascale and newborn June I’m keeping for myself and a couple other favorites that I doubt I’ll be able to paint ever lol unless I miraculously deem myself worthy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What about you guys?

I remember a challenge someone had a few years ago to paint your favorite kits… back then I painted Realborn Jennie awake and asleep and now i need to strip them cause I wasn’t good enough :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Way too many to list but #1 is Maizie (looks like my son) and the person I wanted to make him has stopped :(. #2 is Estelle. Then the pile of others, mostly Brown, Stoete, and Marx babies.


I don’t hold on to any, and I don’t have a stock pile of kits, I buy them and paint them as soon as I can, no point having them if they are not going to be painted and enjoyed, my favourite that I have painted so far is LLE Azalea


I loved painting Pascale so I painted it twice :two_hearts: Loved painting Ramsey and Azalea, too.

I have an insane stash of BB kits and of those, Precious Gift has my heart. My other fave is sleeping Ashley. I also like 8 month sleeping Brooklyn and 4 month sleepy & grumpy Sage.

I painted Quinlyn and Laura but they didn’t thrill me like I thought they would.


I have quite a few kits to paint for myself. Top of the list are Bean and Sprout Eagles, Evangeline Eagles, Twin A and Twin B, and Presley awake :blush:


Towa, Twin girls Abbie and Mya Kitagawa, BB Muffin, (BB Taite for a Cuddle baby) , are the ones I’m holding onto for myself as well as the Tibby Quads. I also have a Calix head that I want to make into a Clown.

The 5 that I leave out the most - Gabriella Schick, Liam Brown, Light Dark Twin boys Levi Brown and Aspen Taylor is painted by Ericas Precious Ones and Marcus Kitagawa painted by one person transferred to another and finished by me.

My Therapy Cuddle, milk drunk Baby with a breathing mech and heartbeat is Elyse Brace. She stays out always. :slightly_smiling_face: Currently painting 3 year old June for myself as my Portrait Baby - we’ll see how that goes, hehe.


Why are you afraid to paint your kits? Your babies are good. There’s no point in having them if you can’t enjoy them.


My favorites that I painted were Liam Brown, Li Lopes, Nino, Harlow Laura Tuzzio Ross. I have painted so many but have kept only a few. I have a stash of LE’s that I hang onto and wonder will I get to them or just keep ordering more, too many mores have happened. LOL


I love Pascale. I painted two and I have two more to stash.

I have quite a few that I’ll probably hold onto forever. I need two of those kinds of kits so I can paint one and stash the other.


These are the ones I have been hoarding, with the intentions of painting to keep.Marcus by A. K. Kitagawa
Knox by Laura Lee Eagles
Lizzie by Adrie Stoete
Sunny by Joanna Kazmierczak
Miya by A.K. Kitagawa
Azalea by LLE

I also have 2 1st edition Chase kits and wanted to reborn one of those to keep. I recently got my hands on another Azalea to reborn to take to DOTW.


Wow, I’ve painted most of the kits mentioned here but I don’t hold on to any kits, I buy, paint and sell. I don’t even have any for myself. I’ve been wanting to paint one to keep but can never decide one which one because there are always new ones coming out :joy:


I need this embroidered on a pillow :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I love Laura’s hands!!! I was spoiled and painted Pascale first and it was love. I have my lUra and quinlyn half done but I do love them just maybe they came out at a bad time too many pretty kits at once

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Didn’t I see bean and sprout kits for sale on reborns for $2000 :flushed:

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Ooooooh I can’t wait to see her :heart_eyes:

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I have so many kits I will never get them painted before my time on earth is gone! LOL. I don’t even remember who I have anymore, that’s pathetic. I think my favorite kit is Miracle but I’m not that happy about the way she came out. She’s ok, just not what my vision of her was. I’ve thought about stripping her and redoing but she had rooted hair and I don’t want to deal with that and the oven for tons of paint layers, so she’ll probably stay like she is. Anyway she’s a keeper. All of my dolls are keepers, I have so many, don’t sell, afraid of scammers. Stupid huh?

Here’s my Miracle. I know you’ve seen her before.


For me I know I’m always learning and improving but not fast enough and I don’t want to waste a kit :wink:

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Yessss, love Laura’s hands…the rest of her, though, not so much. I didn’t care for Quinlyn’s feet.


If they weren’t LE’s do you think you’d still keep buying? I fear I’m gonna miss out. Y the time I realize I want one :rofl::rofl::rofl: then I see some artists on reborns painting like 20 loulous and wonder how they did that :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Idk how you are able to part with them :rofl::rofl::rofl: I either fall in love and want to keep it or hate it and want to strip it :woman_facepalming:t2:

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