Fake Huxleys on Reborns

Reborn babies by 909 > She has 3 Huxleys for sale, one with a COA and two w/ no COAs. There should be an Andera Arcello imprint on the back of the neck if authentic, looks like this one doesn’t have it. Hard to tell from the pic tho. Very strange that she does not have the COA’s. She doesn’t give a reason for the missing COA’s or show where the kit was bought from on her listing. What are your thoughts?


If you have a photo proving you should see the neck stamp, you should email Dave


She did a lovely job on this baby. Gets pretty hefty prices for them and I doubt she would risk her reputation painting a fake?


The neck of the one that has a COA looks the same to me… this is a picture from her FB page.

Here is a pic of my Hux with and without a shirt. Looks like the shirt in her pic would be covering where a logo would be. Dave did reach out to her and she says she got the kits off eBay and that is why there is no COA.

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$35 on Ebay - definitely fake :rage:

Dave should ask her for pictures with neck markings.


To be fair….this isn’t necessarily where she got them on eBay? Dave could verify the seller and go from there…


I have no idea what seller she bought from. I posted the link to show they are selling fakes on eBay. 5 different sellers of fake Huxley kits before I sopped counting. But yes to be fair she could have bought two authentic kits on eBay that happen to have no COA. Hopefully Dave can get a proof of purchase to know for sure.



So as it stands Dave has reached out to her about the two Huxley’s w/o COA’s. She is saying that she bought the kits on eBay over a year ago. Will not show proof of purchase and is insisting they are authentic sculpts because “they look exactly like the kit she has with a COA.” She is refusing to take them down. Dave is thinking of bringing it to the forum to let other artist weigh in. She told him that reborning was about taking cheap kits and making them better and that the person complaining is “just one bad apple.”


IMO Dave should ask for A.Arcello markings, not a proof of purchase.

But I think she is lying because she could easily search on her Ebay transactions and give that info to him.


Yeah if it’s legit, why doesn’t she want to give as much proof as possible to clear the air? She is being shady :unamused:


She did update her listing to include a pic of the neck stamp. I hear the fakes are including the neck stamps and some are sending COA’s with the fake kit. I think showing proof of purchase, the price she paid for the kit and the seller would clear everything up. And why would you buy 2 kits with no COA’s off of eBay a year ago when the authentic kit was still in stock? And then just happen to reborn them when the kit is sold out?? Doesn’t make sense.


The fact that she says she didn’t receive a COA with the kit when she purchased the kit sends up red flags…(unless the previous person lost it) idk I think it’s all the more important to have an easily accessible spot with all COA’s to go in…
Especially since there were fakes being sold on ebay. She seems determined…but it it’s fake after all, Dave might have to eliminate her from reborns.
I had a previous customer contact me about a Sofia Grace I painted because it was being resold and didn’t have the number written ?/such and such number. It took me a while but I found the receipt on macpherson’s from when I purchased it. Somehow I overlooked that. But honestly, how does that help? Saying where something was purchased to me means nothing. You can purchase another somewhere else. Haha that was longer than I intended it to be :grimacing:


Also if anyone feels like I do and would like to add to my voice about the concern that these are fakes and message Dave, that would help. I know this feels like nasty business to some. I don’t like it either. I did not go searching for someone to make trouble with. I was merely searching the site for available Hux’s because I was thinking about reborning my last Hux kit. I like to see what’s out there when planning my next doll to reborn. That’s when I came across her listings. I reached out to Dave and politely asked if he could check into at his convenience. I have seen Reborns 909 work over the years, always felt she was a good artist and an asset to the community. It is disappointing she is unwilling to show proof of her purchase to keep the site a level playing field for us all. Thx.


Problem is it’s not just one Hux, she has two up with no COA. So I just can’t believe they are the real deal.


It is uncomfortable…some people view it as tattling. I felt like that too when I messaged Dave about someone, but you ladies here were reassuring that it was the right thing to do. I believe as long as you come to someone nicely and respectfully they will have a gentle response. If they are unwilling to hear, they might be guilty :woman_shrugging:t3: and then they should be made to leave because we can’t afford the integrity of the site to be ruined.


Hmmm…that’s what a certain very popular reborn ‘artist’ was saying a little over a year ago, while rationalizing illegal copies, before she got a legal notice to cease doing so.

To me, that sounds suspicious. I was giving her benefit of the doubt, but not any more. If she knows she has nothing to hide, i.e., if she is ignorant of the fakes (maybe), this doesn’t make her look innocent, to me. Reborning, years ago, took cheap kits (Berenguers, etc.) and made them better, but most of us know that that is not the case any more. Huxley is not an example of those kinds of kits, and I believe she knows that. Seems the “one bad apple” comment is a bit defensive, and when people are hiding something or know they’re wrong, they tend to react more defensively.

Proof of purchase would be the best and go a long way, because if she paid only around $30 to $40 for the kit, and no COA, then it’s pretty sure it’s a China fake.


Yeah. If it were me and I knew my kit was genuine but the person I bought it from couldn’t find the COA, I would be trying to explain it a bit more and ease the potential buyer’s mind that it’s a real kit.


I posted on another thread that I have a stack of COA’s I never sent with babies, back when I started it just seemed silly and I made my own Birth Certificates, thought that would be good enough. That was before knock offs were an infection, and before I knew how to do this reborn thing the right way.

I have also purchased kits without COA’s from artists that I knew in the past. Everyone knew everyone here on the forum back then.

Seconds don’t get a COA here at Bountiful Baby.

I think it would be strange that she would have a two with a COA and one without (if I am understanding correctly) If it has a signature on the neck flange what can you do? If it has a COA what can you do? Who is going to decide? and is it worth having someone go through all their receipts or statements to find proof? I wouldn’t. But I wouldn’t knowingly sell a knock off. If I am not understanding this, feel free to let me know.

The knock offs tend to look a little “off” the proportions are wrong. This baby looks like the real thing?

This is a slippery slope.

If I were her I would show the neck flange, state I do not have the COA, and stake my reputation on it. It is all you can do, let the buyer beware. We can’t witch hunt artists, no one wins. If it is obvious we can call it out but how far in the weeds do we want to go?

The copy cats are going to get better and better. People right now are celebrating the Temu crap dolls all over You Tube. It’s controversial, gets them a lot of views. Honestly they are not too bad for such cheap dolls.

I think we need to up our game or find a way to authenticate that the knock off people can’t infiltrate. Not sure it’s possible. We have tried for years, even had someone try to trademark “reborn baby” not sure what happened with that, I was against it for reasons I might not be now.

I wonder if sculptors could find a way to register the kits? Not even sure how they would do that? Maybe sign their names inside every flange in sharpie and make every edition limited and numbered?