Will BB ever come out with an ethnic reborn? I have seen several biracial prototypes but No ethnic baby models. I would love to see an Asian, African, or Hispanic…to name a few…real born kit. Do you think this is probable?


I don’t know how probable it is. I’ve seen some painted as AA babies, and I think that’s as far as they’ve gotten. The request has been thrown out there by a lot of people, so we can hope!

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Laila is Asian and someone mentioned a AA baby realborn model so I think that is in the works



There has been talk of an AA realborn that they’re working on. Laila is Asian, though. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it would be economicly beneficial for BB. Ethnic babies don’t sale as much. The market is beginning to pick up but we are not there yet. The demand for Ethnic kits is not as high as Caucasian babies. You can see it when it comes to kits becoming sold out before release time. I was so exited when I saw Camilo he looks just like a baby that I foster. He is the cutest thing, but he is still on sale weeks after his release while if I would have waited a day my daughter wouldn’t have her Abbie.

BB have Asian kits and Aisha is an AA. Also most of their kits made nice ethnic babies. I normally make AA or Hispanic babies and love BB kits. It take a long time to build the color, but they are still great. I just recieve Ella last week and i love her vinyl it has some color :blush:. It her description it said that she is made with new vinyl. I hope they would be using this vinyl because it would make it so much easier for me.


One of my friends insisted that Thomas was an AA baby. Lol Without photographic proof, I may have agreed.

I have no idea about which baby sells faster because I just started making ethnic babies, but I can tell you that my Caucasian babies have been snatched up almost immediately, sometimes within hours, and so far my ethnic Laila is sitting. Have not even had a single inquiry about her… maybe I’m not that good at painting the darker skin tones though. We will see. Hahaa

Your babies are beautiful, @mcurbelo. I never get tired of looking at them. :blush:


The demand may or may not be as high for ethnic babies, but I have noticed, well done ethnic babies sell for more. Neutral vinyl requires more layers of paint but it is easier to build to the color you want than with “biracial” vinyl.

Is Ella’s vinyl different other than the color?


The kits so far have been made from family members of the Pratt’s (grandchildren). As you’ve seen many of the kits make lovely bi-racial and AA babies.

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Aww thanks. I make some Caucasian babies just to keep up with my expenses because my ethnic take so long to sale and I never sale for over $400 :pensive:

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I guess I never notice that because my Caucasian sale for more than my ethnic.

I don’t think the feel is different just a warmer color.

I don’t think that’s the case at all. There definitely is a demand especially since there’s not many artist that can create quality AA/ethnic reborn. I personally noticed the opposite. When I first started reborning I was probably created more Caucasian reborns than ethnic/AA. I noticed I was getting more request as a custom artist for AA/ethnic & the market was better so I switched over to creating mainly ethnic/AA reborns. My Caucasian reborns sell for FAR less & they would take weeks to sell than my ethnic/AA. The biracial vinyl is definitely more difficult to work with!! I prefer very light neutral vinyl.


I was actually thinking of Cierra and here she is. Hahaa

I wanted to add that maybe it has to do with where we sell at, @mcurbelo. Seems like on reborns, people are mostly after Caucasian babies. Your babies are absolutely gorgeous and fairly priced… hard to believe they would sit anywhere though.

The other thought I had was in reference to people like me who just learned to paint darker skin tones… thinking from the perspective of a buyer, if I was looking for a baby with darker skin tones to add to my collection, I’d go straight to @specialmoments or someone who really makes them well, so maybe other buyers feel the same? Some artists are known for this and people seem to go straight to them… probably because there aren’t too many artists who can do them well.


It could be. I mainly sell through on FB (sometimes on Ebay) and by posting to groups such as “Reborn Dolls Of Color” for example that’s dedicated to ethnic and AA reborns so that could be why I notice a demand & see other greatly talented artist that specialize in ethnic & AA.

I was thinking something similar! :slight_smile: Since I don’t “specialize” or as skilled in Caucasian reborns or lighter tones, my “sells” aren’t great there.

I think when it comes to the creation of Realborns, it is more so based on the availability of little ones & it’s probably more “costly friendly” to create a realborn from a relative or someone who is like a close family friend.


My ethnic babies sell faster than my Caucasian ones.


I had no idea there was a group like that, @specialmoments. That’s good to know! Maybe you can post there, @mcurbelo? If you are on Facebook, that is. I’m totally convinced that if the right people see your babies, they will sell quickly… almost wish I didn’t dislike Facebook so much- I’d follow that group just to check out other artists talent. :grin:


I guess if I’ll make babies as great as yours, I maybe would be selling more :wink:

Hi Asia here and new here. I’m fixing to order my first kit to start reforming. Noticed you said no interest in your AA baby, can I see, DollyPardon

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I am not sure if she looks 100% AA to me, @Alexasia, looks more like a mixture maybe, but here she is. :blush:


You just completed her right!? I’m sure she’ll sell soon. She’s beautiful.

The market should be picking up soon as well.

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