eBay reborn kits

Did you try to buy popular reborn kits from eBay? Do you trust them?
For example, I found some kits with a price of $139 on popular reborn websites , but on eBay $45-65 with a body cloth and eyes. Both are Chinese vinyl .

Think about what you are asking… lol

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In fact I purchased many popular kits (not BB kits) with high price but surprised it’s Chinese vinyl and very hard. That’s why I feel that maybe China have the same quality.

@Maryam Stolen sculpts. They reproduce those without the sculptors permission. :cry:


Ohh ok I didn’t know that

Often the ads will say from China so look carefully. They’re mostly advertised as silicone vinyl. There’s no such thing as silicone vinyl. The two materials can’t be mixed together. Very low price for the more expensive kits is another tip off. All of these things are red flags.


Thanks a lot for letting me know.

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The cheap kits on eBay are illegal copies of real artist sculpts. So no, never buy them and never will


Unfortunately, there’s countless scams out there, with both knockoff kits and entire “reborn” dolls that aren’t real reborns at all. Sometimes the pix aren’t even of dolls but real children. Be very wary of any kit that doesn’t come from the well known reputable companies.

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When I search I filter for US only…but guess what. Many of those Chinese manufacturers are selling from US addresses. When you read the description, etc. you will see the words “silicone vinyl” a dead givaway. And the ETA is months away.


China has counterfeited so many limited edition kits now. If you see one of them by another name and only costing about $69 or less, they are counterfeits. I recently saw they have copied Pilar Stoete, and they have copied April K, too, among others. The giveaway is the low-ball price. Don’t purchase them because it helps them keep their illegal business going. A genuine limited edition kit will have a COA, and I only purchase kits on eBay if there is a COA and the price is correct, and I know the person is not a seller in China.

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