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I’m wondering… Do I need to charge more for shipping if I offer this?

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No. eBay will take care of it all. When deciding shipping, I usually put in my own shipping calculation. So measure the box as well as how much it weighs. In case the buyer is located in the US, I compare the options – FedEx, UPS, USPS – and choose the cheapest.
So, no. You don’t need to charge more unless you want to. Shipping cost will adjust based on their location, and it’s completely covered by eBay. As far as I know, there is no fee to offer that service.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I always set my shipping to be calculated by the buyer’s zip code. When I enter the weight of the package in the format, add a couple extra pounds. This seems to work out most of the time to enough money to cover the insurance on the package as well. If you have your shipping set up to be calculated by the buyer’s address, then the global shipping will be calculated the same way as well.

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That’s great! I know I was doing that before… And I always lost money. I better change by listings! Thank you! I thought the global would cover it… I knew that could t be right!!!

There is a fee, it is added to the shipping cost and the buyer pays. I never buy anything with that service, unless I particularly want that item and it is not available from anybody else. Not only it is expensive, but also slow, because the item is first trucked to the Global warehouse, and only then sent on to its destination. I once bought small item from NY, and watched as it was moving about 50 miles a day towards the place where they sort the parcels. It took more than week to actually leave USA and cost more than double what I normally pay. I have seen little jar of Genesis paint with postage quote $50 with the Global Service. LOL Thinking that maybe they will have all other items bought in the same time free, but NO extra items were charged at $25 each. The seller probably would not know what shows up for buyers.

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So eBay charges on top of what I ask for shipping? :scream:

If you are talking about The Global Shipping Program that says
"No additional import charges at delivery!" the charge that is quoted already includes their fee. You will not see how much the charge will be in another country unless you enter the another country in your shipping drop down menu

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Thank you @ludmilla! :grinning:

There’s no fee for the seller though. It should only be used when you’re an international buyer, not for items shipped within the US.

Global shipping collects the Custom fees upfront and I think some buyers do not like that. However, as a seller, I will only ship out of the US now using this service. It has gotten so ridiculous the scams that get pulled on Ebay that I am afraid to try to ship out of the US. With the Global shipping, we are only responsible for getting it to the shipping center. After that it is on them to get it where it goes and if the buyer says they didn’t get it then it is not the seller’s fault as long as we have proof it got to the shipping center. I have heard sometimes they repackage things but I think if you use the USPS Priority Mail boxes they will leave the stuff like it was packaged. At least I have been told by my buyers they got it the way I sent it and I used the USPS Priority box.


Yes! I absolutely agree! Thank you for saying what I couldn’t figure out how to say…

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So, I don’t have to charge more for international shipping if I use global? Or use the calculated cost by zip code?

Found this…

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And you think they do all that for nothing? I do not need to pay double or more on postage to a broker, just to tell me that I do not need to pay custom tax or duty. We do not pay anything on purchases under $1000. I do not know anybody who is happy to buy from sellers who use this scheme. It might be useful for people from countries that do have import duty, to know upfront how much, but if they have brains they can just google it. Also, what they do not say to the buyer is that once it leaves Kentucky they take no responsibility on what happens to it. But the buyer still has PP protection, which means the seller will lose if it gets lost.

I just bought piece of jewelry, which was listed with the global shipping and postage was $29; I contacted the seller beforehand and they agreed to post with ordinary post and it cost me $12.

Nikkiroc, you do not need to do anything just fill in the weight and size, either the PO or the global shipping will calculate how much it will cost to post and charge the buyer.

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Thank you! I always hear horror stories of shipping to other countries… dolls being ripped apart and such. I thought this service would protect me from these things.

There are buyers who are perfectly willing to transact via the Global Shipping in order to get a doll from the US. Sometimes their reasons are that they love a particular doll or artists work enough to do whatever to get it. I realize that there is no fool proof method in reality when dealing with ebay and dishonest buyers. Still, I have had nothing but success shipping via this program. I have had buyers to tell me they have been very pleased with packages they received via this program. I have also seen the horror stories on Youtube associated with it. In addition to this, I have seen horror stories from sellers who shipped on their own and their buyers tried to scam them or their packages go missing or arrived beaten to death. There are no guarantees when shipping abroad. This is why so many sellers now will not even ship out of the US. It is not very often that I have a buyer out of the US these days but when I do I have used this service. If someone doesn’t want to buy via that program it is fine by me. I would rather not ship out of the US anyways and just as soon wait it out on the sale. But so far this has been the best option for me to do that.

They might not honor this but it does say at the info link:

As between you and your buyer, the risk of loss or damage to a GSP item shall remain with you until the GSP item is accepted at the Global Shipping Center or has been returned to you by Pitney Bowes from the Global Shipping Center. As between your buyer and Pitney Bowes, risk of loss or damage to a GSP item shall transfer to your buyer from Pitney Bowes and/or its third party parcel processing service providers when the GSP item leaves the Global Shipping Center.

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As I said, Pitney Bowes only accept liability while the item is in their care, after they post it that is that. They choose the way to send it and if something goes wrong it is up to the buyer to deal with whoever supposed to deliver it. The seller protection offered by PP is the same for items sent as a parcel with signature on delivery, as it is for those sent with GSP. But of-course, the buyer can do CC chargeback for not as described item, that has absolutely nothing to do with the way you post it.

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As both a seller and a buyer from Canada , the Global shipping program is not well liked by Canadians at all . It takes twice as long to receive a parcel from the States , as it does have to first go to a Central shipping centre and then it has to be reshipped again to the customer . Instead of coming in two weeks , we now sometimes wait three weeks for something shipped from the States , to Canada . The prices that the Global Shipping Centre are charging for importing are ridiculous . When it is shipped regularly from the States, there is rarely any import taxes charged to us . So as a Canadian ordering from the States, the price is already higher because of the dollar value , and now we are being charged triple the amount for shipping if somebody wants to send you the item by the Global shipping method . I think States sellers don’t realize that they are losing customers by choosing this method of shipping . As a seller myself , I always want to help my purchasers pay the least amount for shipping . In my opinion Global Shipping is just another way for Ebay / PayPal to make more money from the buyers !! If I am surfing EBay , I avoid purchasing from somebody using the Global shipping program as I know I will be waiting a long time to receive it , and will be paying a nonexistent import tax that will raise the shipping price to triple what I normally would pay .If you have to label the item for shipping anyways, why not cut out the middle man and forget about the Global shipping program , and just send it yourself so your customers aren’t charged huge fees for shipping .
Just my two cents worth !! LOL ! :slight_smile:

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Although I have shipped to Canada using this program with no issues nor complaints from the buyers, I get what you are saying. As I said before, there is not a 100% safe way for US sellers to ship out of the US. I do get frustrated when it seems that there is no sympathy for the heck we US sellers go through sometimes for selling outside of the US. For a while I quit doing it all together because of the constant issues. Then per a Canadian buyer’s request, I added the Global Shipping. This was during the last postal strike. She got her package very quickly actually and seemed quite content with whatever fees she had to pay. While it is true that a nasty buyer can do a chargeback or any other thing they wish against a seller, PP protection seems to be more supportive towards a seller who uses the Global Shipping program. We have NO protection shipping on our own if something goes missing or a scamming buyer claims they didn’t get it and we do not have signature confirmation and it fully insured. You can’t buy full insurance and signature tracking on a Priority Mail International package. My only other alternative shipping abroad has been to only ship via Express Mail International so that my package can be fully insured and tracked. Of course, then I have irate buyers not wanting to pay those fees either! I often feel we US sellers are D if we do and D if we don’t when it comes to how we ship out of the US. I may well consider removing it from any future auctions again but if I did I would also remove shipping abroad for all buyers except maybe Canada. But then my question would be to you Canadians, are you going to be willing to pay for Express Mail International?