Easton Newborn Size

Does anyone know how much Easton in newborn size is worth? I have one and can’t decide if I should keep or sell him. I have to get rid of a few. :confused:

Where is your Easton from (ie: BB, MAcPherson’s…)

It’s a discontinued BB kit. It’s the same one that is a 6 month size but newborn size. Does that make since? :smile:

I think if you put in your title that he is for sale you may get a few people that want him.

Any idea what I should ask? Trying to get an idea so i can price appropriately. Thanks!

I don’t know, I haven’t been painting long enough to know. If I figure it out I will come back to let you know what I think.

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I saw one of the small newborn ones sell on Ebay for $35.I had intended to bid on it and forgot.

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Thank you- makes perfect sense. I just didn’t realize it had been a smaller kit before. Interesting.

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Here is a comparrison.

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Thank you! Wow, that is a big difference!

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I don’t think Easton, Grant and Elliot in the newborn sizes are selling for much more than they were before they were discontinued. I could be wrong though.

I adore little Elliot and have had the honor of painting two of him.


I like the little guy the best.