Dolls by Sandie... should I be worried?

,I placed an order from dolls by sandie on feb. 17. I got an email that the order was shipped that same day, it gave a tracking number and said it was a 1-3 day time frame with an estimated arrival date of feb. 20. The tracking number doesn’t show any info other than a shipping label was printed and scheduled for pick up on feb. 17. I emailed Sandie yesterday to let her know I had not yet received my order and she said that usps eta is not accurate and that alot of time they don’t scan the tracking label during travel , and that I should give it more time. Today I called usps and they said other than she scheduled a pick up they have no record, not even that it was for sure picked up because it was never scanned by them, but regardless of the tracking it should be here by now and since she was the sender she should call to start an investigation to see what might have happened. I emailed her back with that info and she said she sees this kind of thing happen all the time and that I shouldn’t place the blame on her once she ships it is out of her hand and that she can’t file anything with usps until it has been 30 days from the shipping date, but usps said the sooner an investigation is started the easier it is for them to track. Has anyone had problems receiving orders from her? should I be worried? Sorry this is so long but any feed back or personal experiences would be very appreciated.

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I have bought off of Sandie for a few years. She has always done right by me and I have always received my order. Somebody at the post office most probably misdirected the package and there are workers they hire that cannot read a zip code correctly. When a package gets misdirected, it can be days that you will not hear anything and the number will not scan. I am sure that you will get your order and the problem is with the usps.

I’ve ordered from Sandie for years and have never had a problem. Whenever there was a problem, she took care of it right away. The USPS, however, is constantly making mistakes. I once ordered from her and the USPS shipped it all the way up to northern Michigan In the U.P. and I live in southern Michigan! It took almost an extra week to get it.

I’ve never had any problem with Dolls by Sandie. My orders always get here right on time. If you are in an area that has had some snow there could be delays. I’m expecting a package that was to be delivered last week with an ETA that chaged to the last actual date of the 21st now it has changed again to “some delays” with no ETA… not sure when I will get it, but the snow has caused delays all around the USA. :snowflake:

I have also ordered from her before, and had a problem (not with shipping), and she was right on it. I have been told by the PO that if someone neglects to scan an item along the way then there is no info. I have had packages delivered, and the scan has not moved from the shipping date.

You have no worries with Sandie, i’ve shopped from her for 8 years now. It’s most likely the post office or the weather delaying your package. DEE

No need to worry about anything from Sandie. I order from her regularly and have always gotten everything on time. If there is a problem, just let her know. She will make it right. Sandie and Lisa rock!

I have ordered from Sandie before with no problems. But I have had several issues with the post office.

I’ve ordered from Sandie for two years now, and never have had any problem with her. She has always been friendly and courteous when I needed to talk to her. I had ordered pacifiers from her once, and she sent the wrong ones. I emailed her and she immediately corrected the problem and offered to let me have the other ones free.

I wouldn’t worry. I have ordered from Sandie and always gotten my oders, Once in a while orders will be delayed for what ever reason, right now it’s probably the weather. It wil come, I’m sure. Do you live in the bad weather zone???

This happened to me once, but I had ordered hair care products. The tracking number never showed up, but the package did after a few days. Also, I always have to add a day to whatever the USPS tracking thing says. It is accurate to the point it arrives in Kansas City, Missouir, but takes another day to get to the local post office and then to my house. So, it’s not entirely accurate, even when it is working.

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I’ve only ordered from Sandie once and everything shipped fast.

However, I did have a package once that said delivered by USPS but was nowhere to be found (I even checked my neighbors porches :flushed: ). I called the post office and the shipper and after a week of getting nowhere it just showed up, no note, no phone call, just there.

Several times my mail person and even UPS or Fedex delivered my packages to my neighbors or theirs to me. I always feel like I should have my ID with me when I’m rescuing one of my packages from a neighbors porch :grin:

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I order all the time from her too, it maybe just because of the weather

Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I feel much better. I will try to be patient and give it a little more time to arrive. After I read a post about a woman that sets up different websites, but people never receive their orders, I started to get worried. I am so relieved that dolls by sandie is not one of those.


It’s frustrating when USPS doesn’t do the scans they are supposed to do but it happens. That plus the bad weather that’s slowed everything down lately and is still making life miserable for lots of us! Give it some more time. Sandy ships things all the time and she knows these things happen. Once she ships something it’s in the hands of the postal service and she can’t do anything to speed things up. And she’s right, the PO makes you wait 30 days before they will start doing much in the way of investigating. I’ve had packages delayed too but they all eventually arrived.

it’s not just that it hasn’t been scanned, whether USPS scanned it or not it should have arrived by now. I am in UT and our weather has been great, it is coming from PA, I don’t know the route it would take or the weather between here and there, but even if weather slowed it down 3 days which is double how long it should take, it still should be here.

Take the tracking number to your local PO and ask them what happened to it. Maybe it is sitting there and they forgot to card it.

Your weather may be fine, but the weather in the areas your baby will go through to get to you has been overwhelmingly awful. Flights have been cancelled, employees have not been able to get to work, mail has been at a standstill and lots of areas are still buried in snow. I’m sure it’s just been delayed and will be there soon!

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I wouldn’t worry they are awesome I love sandie she always responds to emails never any problems if I preorder a kit an I have the money an wanna pay for it before I spend it on another kit lol she will invoice me she is a awesome person I have had the Samething happen then I will come home from work an it will be there she is right they don’t scan them like they are suppose to a lot of the time but I would just wait a few more days an see what happens if not email her she is a very nice person good luck :blush:

Sandie is very reputable. Keep track, mistakes do happen, tho.