Does anyone know this kit **

Looking to see what kit this is

It’s a China kit. They are not named. I think this may be one that dollsbysandiesells butI would have to check.

It’s a China factory kit. sells them less expensively as Primary Kits. I don’t think it’s a copy but I couldn’t swear to it.


I bought this gal at a thrift store

That one’s definitely a China kit. Are you planning to reborn it?

Are we sure it isnt the knock off of Lilly Trigg?

I already stripped her head. I thought she was a doll from amazon that someone tried to reborn her

Didn’t Lillian Trigg stock these before anyone else? I don’t think they are knock offs.

This one is different and I dont see it on her site…
Lillian was the sculptor… This is Lilly painted by @cherielynn09

Maybe the knockoff of Penny by Lillian trigg

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Yep, Booo that’s it. I will just keep her for myself. The vinyl and cloth body are really nice.

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She’s really cute is the legit kit still produced?

No, not that I can find.

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I’m not at all sure she’s not a knockoff but she really looks like Penny by Lillian Trigg.

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DollsbySandie sells it. At least, it looks like the same one. These are NOT knockoffs. Please be careful about saying these may be fake unless you KNOW for certain. You can damage a reputable dealer’s business.


It says that this Lilly is by Annette Laurens. Isn’t that the sculptor?
I remember the numbered kits being on Lillian Trigg’s site many years ago when I would order from there. Are you sure she sculpted kits?

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You have been reborning much longer than me. I think you are right about Lilly being sculpted by Annette Laurens.
I have never seen the legit kits.
I was told years ago they are knockoffs of Penny by Lillian Trigg… But Dolls by Sandie says it is a China kit with no in house sculptor Or something like that… but someone some where sculpted it… not sure how kits are “un named”

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It’s really confusing. The China kit looks an awful lot like the Penny in the photo. China has stolen so many kits that it’s hard to tell what is what any more. :unamused:

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I’m so confused. I’m pretty sure with the markings on her neck and the tag on the body this is who this doll is.

She is defiantly all over ha ha