Do u get offended

So am I the only one that gets offended when someone says our dolls look like deceased babies? It really bothers me!

I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t bother me. I am getting tougher about it but it’s part of the reason I haven’t done a vendor event/show yet.

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I think my coloring doesn’t look dead😡 I guess I’m a sensitive artist lol. I did have one that kinda look that way so I gave her a more peaches and cream look that looked much better. I understand some love them and some hate them but…


I’ve only ever had one person say that and the doll was in a white box for a raffle so maybe it looked like a coffin to her. Now I’d display it in a basket. The person who won it was thrilled to pieces with her baby.


I have seen some babies who look a little post mortem but I think they mostly mean it is because they look so real but they are not moving or breathing.

These babies have that uncanny-valley thing going on.

People only have two reactions… I love it, can I hold it, I can’t believe its a doll, how much do you charge, where can I get one.


No thanks, that is creepy, it looks dead, I don’t like it.

Both mean you did a great job and their mind is totally firing all kinds of conflicted thoughts.

I personally love it when people love them but I understand when they don’t, its really for the same reason.


I don’t get offended, per se, but I do get tired of people feeling the need to tell me that same thing multiple times or telling me that they are creepy :roll_eyes: I hear it from every other person that sees them. The good news is that they are good enough to land in the “uncanny valley,” which is a phenomenon where people are naturally disturbed by things that look too human-like.


I haven’t had anyone tell me that, but then I have not had my dolls out in public much. Everyone that sees the one I take out most thinks she is real. One lady in a store had to follow me and see if it was real. Then, I took a different one to a doc’s appointment. She had asked to see one, when I told her I make them. She loved him, cuddled him, thought he was realistically weighted and such BUT she did tell me he looked a little cyanotic. (I know most folks say cyanosis, but she used that word in reference to my baby.) I had to agree with her. And, I still agree with her. I have never tried to fix him. He is one in the line of learning for me. So, I wasn’t offended, and I don’t get offended easily because I respect everyone’s right to feel the way they do and to express themselves the way they feel. I know this is long, but I am just not a great communicator. Maybe I should stop posting here and just read! :slight_smile:


When I first started, I had one “looks dead” comment. And it did hit me hard. After that, it has been “looks so real” or “creepy”. My response is: Thank you, then I’ve done my job!


I’m often puzzled why people say they look like a dead baby. When it is a sleeping doll, it looks like a sleeping baby. When a real baby is sleeping, people don’t think it looks dead. All that’s missing with the sleeping doll is that it isn’t breathing. When painted to look alive and healthy, it doesn’t really look dead.


Yesssss! I strive for creepy! :rofl::smiley::smirk:

Never had the dead remark, but the few times I’ve taken a sleeping reborn out, I make sure it has a paci and is all comfy cozy looking. “Dead” would bother me.


I didn’t hear that about my babies (yet), but my co-workers were disturbed at first seeing baby parts (I ship my orders to my work address) and seeing completed babies pictures. Now they are curious about whom I am working on next :).
But if someone would say that to me I would take it as compliment.
As it was said before it’s only two reaction to reborn babies: ‘it look so real’ or ‘it so creepy’. If it’s painted well, ‘creepy’ is a compliment.

Londa, if I would be you I would say 'Thank you! This is why I am so successful at selling my reborn babies and why they are so loved!".


That comment bugs me the most. It kind of hurts when your sharing your craft with someone, and they brush it off so suddenly. It’s uncalled for. I wish people would consider how it feels to be on the receiving end of comments like that. The other one that bugs me is the teen mom comment (I’m a teen). I get it. You thought it was my baby, but it’s not. Everyone feels the need to say it.


I learned early to take it as a compliment even though at first it doesn’t sound like one because no one wants to think about dead babies. But what they really mean is it is uncannily realistic, it just makes people feel weird, the way they look so much like real babies. They can’t express that awkwardness in words very eloquently.


Lol ur fine

That’s what my response was . No they look like peaceful sleeping babies.


She looks great and REAL!


That u sister!

I do have to say that I’ve seen some reborns with blue undertones that were too intense and they didn’t look particularly healthy.


Yes true me to.

I saw some babies at the Rose Show that did actually have some blue and purple tigers to them and the did look dead.
That being said, I have shown a picture of one of my babies (which definitely don’t look dead I don’t think) to someone and they said that’s creepy it looks just like a dead baby. And I was like umm if didn’t tell you it was a doll you would have thought it was a real live baby! Just because it’s sleeping doesn’t make it dead looking.
Do they think every picture of a real sleeping newborn looks dead??? They can’t see them breathe in a picture.
This is a pet peeve of mine.
I don’t mind when people say creepy because I know I’ve done my job. But when they say it looks dead just because it’s sleeping in a picture… that annoys me.
Ok, rant over! Haha sorry!