Dark enough for very curly hair?

Working on this AA Lainey for a custom order and just wondering if you think the skin is dark enough for this baby to have really curly hair or do I need to darken the skin a bit more? Thanks ladies


I think she is perfect right now!!! Awwwww!!!


I agree with Nikki, she’s perfect xx

I know your baby is AA, but I used to have a friend who had a very very pale English Rose complexion, with freckles, big blue eyes and almost white blonde hair that consisted of the tightest corkscrew curls I’d ever seen. So I think your little one will look wonderful with a head full of gorgeous curls :blush:


Love her color??? She’s looks great the way she is

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Agree with everyone else…she’s perfect!

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Is her hair dark or light? Saying that …I do like her skin color anyway.

Yes, many shades of “people of color” dark curls come with all, as well as red brown and blonde hair. Just depends on what you see with your artist eye.

She’s adorable, Starr! Beautiful skin tones.

Thank you so much ladies for the comments…always appreciate and take on board your input… :kissing_heart:

She’s beautiful…I think the skintones are fine for curly hair…

Here is this little one finished…

I used the really curly hair that I posted on another thread…some positives and negatives…

Negatives so I can get those out of the way and end on a positive note…lol

It bleeds really badly…(found this out the hard way…my hands were black after I rooted the top front so had to wash it…Not sure if I have done all that needs to be done with that…never had mohairr that bled colour this badly…If any of you ladies have dealt with that, let me know if there is anything else I need to do…I have finished rooting her but if you think there is potential problems because I need to do something else, I will pull it all and re-root it cause I don’t want any bleeding into the vinyl down the track…

Second, it does not stay super curly once combed

Third, it doesn’t root very well for micro rooting as it tends to want to take 2+ stands per hole…Having had a few AA babies through from several other artist who do lovely babies, I did notice that they root 2 - 3 hairs per hole instead of micro rooting their babies so thinking it must be how they get the really full heads of hair and that it is acceptable to root like that for the AA babies? It was hard for me to not want to pull out the extra hairs but I restrained myself and glad that I did because this little one now has a full head of hair…
Fourthly, it is the dickens to comb through once rooted but it can be done…lol


Once it is rooted and combed though it is very soft and shiny

Though it is not extremely curly, it can be coaxed in to lovely soft curls

It works well if you are rooting a thick full head of hair and do not mind rooting in 2+ hairs per hole.

Over all the jury is still out on this one as to whether I would buy it again…not because of the quality as it would be sort of a mid - upper mid range mohair IMO …I am just very spoiled with the ones I have become accustom to using so sometime it is more a matter of preference than any thing else… :smile: .


She looks AWESOME!!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Love her!!! She’s perfect!! :heart_eyes:

I think she’s adorable!

You are seriously the fastest rooter EVER lol…wish you lived in the states…I would come visit! :smiley:


Awww Thank you ladies…just sent off photos to the new mom so hope she loves her too…

Heehee thanks Izzy, Would love for you to visit Don’t you think you need a vacation to Oz?..lol


She’s beautiful, Starr, and I LOVE her hair!!! When I grow up, I wanna’ root as fast as you. :wink:

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I think I do! But the plane tickets alone would cost more than my kidney lol!


She’s gorgeous, Starr xx

Hahaha…true…don’t want you losing a kidney. :smile: