Dark enough for very curly hair?

That wouldn’t be good @izzy lol but it might be worth it
@westernstarr I don’t know if you got my last pm or not lol

Oh! and beautiful baby Starr!

Don’t think I did, I will have to go look…you know how terrible I am at remembering to check for those…lol
And thanks for the compliment too… :kissing_heart:

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She is beautiful, I hope you don’t have to re root her hair cause I love it. What hair did you use and where can I get it.

Thank you Soooooo much…I was very worried when I had rooted a bit and my fingers were dark grey…I did rinse and condition it so hoping that I did it enough…It didn’t seem to have the same problem when I re-rooted so hope that it is doesn’t have any problems…I emailed her and told her it was mohair I had never used and if there was any problem in the future, I would make it good so she is happy and I have fingers crossed…lol Thank you again for the info - very appreciated… :kissing_heart:

Definitely makes sense (especially since I just rooted it and can see what you mean…Thanks so much for info…Very helpfull! :kissing_heart:

Thank you for all the lovely comments too ladies…- you all always add some sunshine to my day!


The auburn hair that I bought from CJ bled. I check my darker hair colors by putting a small amount inside a folded paper towel and getting I VERY wet and then squeezing the water out of the towel. It bled and I was unable to get it to quit bleeding so I threw it away. I think that if the hair is colors with human hair color, it could bleed. I don’t buy from him anymore.

Starr - your baby is gorgeous! I can’t believe how fast you root. I am still acting do the video to be made!


Thanks so much for the information Pia…I do hope this one won’t have trouble down the track… :worried: The mohair, I bought from a supplier here from her personal stash…the ladies on the forum said it looked like some that is sold by Dolls by Sandie so I hope it will be ok…($45 for 1/2 here in OZ so assumed it would be a nice quality…It is very soft after it was washed and conditioned so will have to hold my breathe a while…I rarely ever try mohair I am not familiar with but needed something with a bit more curl than what I normally use…Thanks for the heads up though…will definitely be keeping in contact with my customer… :smile: Thanks so much for the compliment on my little one too - very appreciated :kissing_heart: