Customer sends doll back TRASHED!

I did a custom for a lady, it was to be a Christmas gift for you daughter. She felt she was able to take care of it and even bought her a cheap reborn to “practice with”. I sent her the doll and she loved it! In fact, she couldn’t wait till Xmas and just gave it to her daughter. She again tells me how much they love the doll and sends me pics of her daughter and the doll. She appears to only be 4-5. Then she messages me and said there is some paint wearing off the mouth because her daughter used the paci to much. And some blushing on the feet is coming off. She want to know what do about it. Since her daughter was so attached to the doll I just sent her some blushing paint and sealer with instructions. BAD IDEA I guess! She messages me in a panic that she ruined the paint and that it’s now cracking. I asked her if she just wanted me to fix the doll? She said yes and I received it today. HOLY SH**!!! It appears she stripped the lips and a piece of the face! Paint is missing from her hands and both feet! To fix this doll (biracial) it would have to be stripped. I do not have the time or feel like I should strip and start over on this doll. It was clearly not taken care off! I don’t even know how to go about patching it to look somewhat decent. I am so frustrated right now I just want to quit!!! Where do I go from here? I hate to post pics because I’m afraid someone with recognize the doll and share this post will her. I kinda wondered after she started asking me about my air dry paints and them rubbing off before she got the doll. I told what I use and what I seal them with. Sorry if this post is poorly written as I am so mad right now it’s hard to complete a thought, lol.


So sorry that happened, she should not have a doll of that type for a 5 year old. I couldn’t imagine what you need to do to fix it but I would not put all that paint and work into the doll as it will happen again, maybe you can refund or make another doll with less paint for a young child.

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Sorry this happened . :worried:

Simone is right. As soon as you agreed to fix it, now you kinda have to do it.

But, make sure the woman knows you won’t do it again!

I made reborns for my littles… when I started… almost a year ago. I did not seal them, no magnets, no beads (just stuffing) Penciled hair (sealed)

Only issue we have is my 3 yr olds doll’s feet are flattened… due to not being stuffed well…

All Paint, prisma, eyelashes, gloss etc is just fine. Not even shiny. So I have no idea what they do to their dolls???

That sucks. :frowning:

I agree fix it (like you agreed) then tell her you are done and busy with other orders, and not going to fix it again.


I have made several for my granddaughters and one for my grandson who is 3. They also play with my other dolls, I havnt had an issue with paint coming off at all and one of the dolls is about 8 years old. I use genisis and didnt seal them. until the last few didnt do the magnet and paci but with grandsons baby i did as he seems fascinated with giving a paci or bottle. I do have one that i need to reroot it hair but it is also about 4 to 5 years old and is well loved. Sorry you have had that experience

Sounds like it came in perfect conditon and she seems to know that .
Child was dragging it on concrete or something I dont know why she wants it fixed the child will do it again Kind of that shipping to /from

Id tell her you can touch it up but dont have time to redo it totally .Didnt know i there was such damage and remind her its a collector doll not meant for young children
In fact…collector dolls. with magnet … i read a magnet can KILL a child if they swallow it .!!!
i make sure i tell my buyers that when they ask for one. Say ill add it but tell them the risk for young kids .I want it in WRITING …dont need a death from my doll my fault .
well sorry . off subject except they are collector dolls
It will happen again with that doll unless she puts it up
These dolls arent for 5 year olds they cant expect it to last like a manufacture dolls for children.I think she knows that just was hoping you could do what she couldnt fix it up sonewhat.
She has no idea the time it takes to do even that…
See what she says she sounds reasonable .

Gosh thats awful, sorry you are dealing with it. If or were me, id patch up the spots the best way you can, let her know its all you can do. She should be fully understandable considering childs age. And should not expect you to redo it to looking new again. Because its just gonna keep happening.

What a nightmare. That is so horrible I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this

Thank you ladies so much for the support and letting me vent! I’ve went back through all our conversations and found the one where I offered to fix the doll. Luckily, I put in there I would see what I could do without taking the rest of the paint off. I messaged her that I would do what I can but would have appreciated her telling me the extent of damage and that I will not do another fix. I also suggested that if she is going to give the doll back (which I know she is) to the girl that if be only be times when she can supervise her otherwise this will happen again. I just can’t believe she let it get that bad! She also is denying doing anything to the mouth other than wiping it with a wet cloth. Seriously!?! I would love to post a pic, you guys would laugh your butts off. It’s bare vinyl. When I look at the before and after pics I want to cry. She was so lovely and now she looks like a Halloween decoration. :frowning:


Please do post a pic. My three year old has several that have not been damaged. In fact, I have a hard time stripping paint off once it’s cured, so Im seriously curious.

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I just finished re-reborning a reborn a lady bought off ebay. The artist claims to use heat set paints.Most of the paint came off with a wet cloth.She had nothing but blush color and blue veins on it.The veins were long blue straight lines straight down each arm and leg from top to bottom.If it had been heat set paints,I think I would still be stripping that baby.Y’all would be amazed at how many this lady has sold and has 100 percent feedback on Ebay.I am wondering who she is selling to if the rest of her reborns are like this one.

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What kind of paint did you use, this is a critical question here?? If you used a paint that was not meant for reborn vinyl dolls this could fall on you even if she did give it to a child. If you used an air dry paint which one did you use cause I have heard that some ladies have used certain brands of air dry and had the paint come right off. Maybe someone will come on and tell you their experiences. If you used Genesis Heat Set Paints then I would say maybe the paint wasn’t cured. This is really too bad, it sounds like so much work to fix it specially if it is a darker complexion, hard to match. Good Luck.


I hate that people do stuff like this. Anything to make a quick buck, right? :confounded:

Her listings say that she,along with her husband have reborned and sold over 1000 reborn dolls.Makes me nauseous,thinking about people like this scamming people.

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I am seriously starting to loathe ebay. Having my own issues there now… something arrived broken that was “fine” when it was shipped. The kind of breakage this is couldn’t have happened in the mail. "/

I used Miracle Blend and some Waterborne paint. I even sealed the hands and feet multiple times. I’m nervous to post pics because I don’t want someone to get a screen shot and send it to her. I just don’t understand when she noticed it why she didn’t take it away from her. I was seriously expecting a little touch up not a complete overhaul.

Oh gosh, I’m sorry all this is happening, I sure hope you can work it out to everyone’s satisfaction. I don’t understand why people give these ‘dolls’ to little kids, we general state plainly that “they are not meant for young children” obviously nobody’s listening!!

Is it okay to mix Miracle Blend and Waterborne paints? I know with some air dry paints you’re not supposed to mix them… What varnish did you use? I’m curious because I use Miracle Blend and I certainly wouldn’t want to jeopardize the integrity of my paint!
So sorry you’re stuck fixing your doll that apparently was not cared for properly!!! I hope your “fix” goes smoother than anticipated!!!

You use heat set though! There is a major difference in heat set and air dry. I have never owned a fx air dry but have a few waterborne, miracle blend and a luminaire air dry babies, they all ended up either fading or paint coming off that’s the #1 reason I will not use air dry paint.