Crochet items I made

Thought I would share some things I made. Hope you like them. Pictures are not the best.


Those are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love them all!! You could definitely make money selling those beautiful things!! :smiley:

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Beautiful! The first set is my favorite but they are all beautiful

Lovely work !

Nice, I brought some yarn yesterday to make a diaper cover n hat.


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These are all just beautiful! Do you sell them?

So beautiful

I adore the pink!

Thank you ladies!!!
I would love to sell them but I don’t have my PayPal set up to a bank account and I won’t get the money. So if you want to trade or pay with a money order that would be okay. I have other things in my stash too. If interested you can pm me. Thanks

The pink one started out with a vintage pattern but I wanted the jacket to be a long carrying coat so I made it up as it got longer. I love how it turned out. Its made with kid mohair and silk.

Beautiful work!!!

Somebody on here has a PayPal account not linked to a bank. She can receive payments. I’m not sure how she got this account set up, though.

Where did you find kid mohair/silk yarn? It must be like touching a cloud.

These are beautiful.

I wish I knew who and how she did it.

It is like touching a cloud. I found it at knit picks. Its very thin yarn and it shows the pattern great.

Thank you

Thank you

They are all lovely, you did a wonderful job and they look nice and proportioned to the baby, some crochet is SO bulky. If you use a very fine yarn they come out nice, like you did. Lots of people like the heavier yarn cause it knits or crochets up very fast!!

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