Critique needed! 1st reborn!

Let me know how I did. Be honest! Thank you!

her hands ( and feet, but you can’t see them here) are probably what I’m least proud of. I personally am in love with the rest of her though =]


You have done a very nice job for your first reborn. Congratulations.

Very nice job. The lashes look great. The skin tones are good too.

Very good, for a first. You were braver than me. I didn’t do lashes or brows on my first.

Very nice work!

She’s a nice first baby! Nice skin tones.

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I wish my first would be beautiful like yours… Good job !!! Enjoy her.


GREAT JOB on your FIRST BABY! AMAZING…my very first one went into the trash, if that tells you anything…LOL…your baby is wonderful!

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Thank you all so much, I’m super proud of her, I can’t wait to work on another =]!! The only thing I’m having trouble with is her dang stuffing!! I used what came in the kit and she ended up really empty and weird looking. I picked up a bag of poly fill and filled her up more but now I think she’s overstuffed. I don’t think I’m gonna mess with her too much just because I’m hoping the fill will kind of compress and fix itself. Any tips on this? =]

Awesome job on #1. The Bountiful Baby bodies are a bit too “full” to begin with and look better if they are altered slightly. @AmyR777 posted pictures of what needs to be done to “slim down” the bodies. I usually order a custom body for most of my non-BB kits, and I alter the BB ones for those kits.

@britt1123, below is the link to the thread @pia mentioned. I don’t like how fat the bodies are plus the front neckline is too high and the head tends to tip back too far. So, based on the “thinning down” that Pia said she does, I modify the bodies. The thread below has pics of what I do.

New Realborn Body

Thank you guys!

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Are you sure that’s your first reborn? LOL. You did an amazing job! That one thumbnail looks much darker than the others. (?) Don’t know why but that’s the ONLY thing I noticed that isn’t PERFECT!