New Realborn body

I was looking at the sale items on BB a little while ago and was wondering if anyone has tried the new JOINTED Realborn body? It looks interesting and says it will fit most 19-20 inch babies. Body #7451 I heard the one for the realborns is kind of small, is that true and do you think this new body would need any kind of modification as I always take my BB bodies in a little as I feel they are kind of fat,

I modify the BB bodies to take them in and create the bum and chest gathers. I just ordered and received the new body type for the 3/4 arms, full legs and I think I’ll love it! It looks to be what I was achieving but this is already done!

You can order one and see for yourself. Return it if you don’t like it.

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Amy how do you go about modifying the body to create the bum and chest gatherings. i would love to try it but dont know how

I found the new 3/4 arm full leg realborn body too small for Asher Awake. I really like how they are made, but would probably use them only on 18 to 19 inch babies. The only joint on this one is the arm joint.

I got the idea from @pia. I take in the front and back 1 inch each by creating a new seam 1/2" inside the original seam. The casing around the neck needs to be opened in the front about about 2" so the new seam can be done. Sew a zig zag stitch next to your new seam and cut the excess material off. Sew the casing closed.

I then use thread (the same I used when doing soft sculptured dolls) and needle to do the gathering. On soft sculpture dolls, this is done after they’ve been stuffed but, since the babies sometimes are opened back up, I do the gathering before.

For the bum, I insert the needle from the inside at the bottom (putting the knot on the inside). I them make very small stitches until the thread is at the same height as the top of the leg opening. Push the material down the thread to make the gather. I scrunch it down. While, holding in place, tie off the thread on the inside.

For the chest gathers, I start 2" below the neck casing, making the stitches toward the neck. Push the material together to gather and tie off below the casing on the inside.

Note: The nice thing about the new body is it incorporates what I was going to do next which is taking in the sides.


Look at you go Amy! Thanks for sharing. I’m one of those people that never assumed I could modify the bodies. This is good to know.

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They are showing a body that has joints on the LEGS and arms now too, it is body #7451 have you seen this one? Or used it, it says it will fit many of the BB kits. It has the gathers on the chest and rear end also. Maybe it has been out there for a while but I just haven’t seen it.

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I haven’t seen the jointed leg one yet.

I bought the full limb realborn body. I like it a lot but I took out the chest elastic. Because the front of the body is the same length as the back, when gathered, the doll was hunchbacked when stuffed. I also made a tuck in front of the armholes because, as with all the BB bodies, the armholes are too far back and the arms don’t hang right. Anyway, with my minor alterations, I really like this body.

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thank you so much Amy!!! now one more question. can i make the bum gathers without taking in the front and back seams? i ask cuz i dont own a sewing machine.

Yes, Melanie, because that is hand-sewn. You can also gather at the neck, too. I find that helps keep the head from continually falling back. Before the fix, the babies, even when laying down, their little chins were pointing to the sky and now they lay in a normal position. Look at your shirts and notice the front of the neck is lower than the back…that’s what we’re doing, creating a natural look.


You should work for places like BB to help them refine the bodies. :smile:
That way we could use the bodies as is instead of tinkering with them. My hats off to you! (Tips hat)


again thank you Amy!!! im definitely gonna try to alter the neck and bum :slight_smile:

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I have just ordered 4 in the sale. I think they look great!

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Thanks for sending me here. Finding out that there had to be a tuck or curve cut in the neck at the front of the body, as in clothes, was my discovery of the week. It is such a comfort to be directed to this thread to find out I am not alone in making these body changes. I have been making my own bodies since I had to make so many changes, I cut out and made my own mistakes. From Amazon one can buy the plastic limb joints at a good price - 50 for $6.00.


You’re welcome, Jane! I’d rather make the adjustments than start from scratch and have to get the material and joints and then cut, and so on. I do like the new Realborn bodies; I don’t make any adjustments to them. :wink:

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I bought one also. I found the full arm socket had too little material in it. The arm would slip out of the many gathers, but that could be my fault because I suspect the Realborns may have smaller arm flanges than Elsie’s.
If you wish to watch my battle of bodies, it is on my blog:

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Jane, you may want to invest in some patterns that work well. Some people even make these to sell:


Thanks Amy. I loved the web site and seeing the crocheted clothes, too. Just found Jeanhai with some bodies here on sale so am going there first. But I have bookmarked Chelle’s site to get some patterns, thanks to you.

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I always kick myself for never learning how to sew. :disappointed:

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