Countrycradlereborns? Do you know this person?

I had bought a doll from her this morning paid friends and family which I’m now learning is NOT ok and now has me blocked? Is this person a known scammer?

All I know is she is a forum member I do not know her personally sorry to hear you are having problems .

Oh she is? Has she been online recently? I hate it! It was the Kimi sculpt. It was such a beautiful doll. Not a thing can be done though! Oh well. Karma will reach her…

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I don’t know if she has been on or not today if you found a post of hers and held your mouse on her name it might tell you when her last post was .

Ok i will try to find her on here. Thanks.

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@Countrycradlereborns what is the story on this?

I do not know her but she needs to clear this up…


Last seen March 23rd… This is what I get for not researching. She said it was a prototype? I paid $500 for it. Does anyone know anything about the doll?

I know nothing about that but I had recently heard that even if you paid F&F you could sometimes get a refund through PP if you get scammed so it is worth a try to go ahead and investigate that option now with PP.

Lexi Belle look for that post this is about the doll you bought .Edit to read the hour glass at top search for that at least I am assuming this is the doll in question.

I will definitely look into that.

Ok i sure will.

The Kimi I know of her having was painted by @anon77773884… Not a prototype but pretty.


Ugh that makes me sick! That’s the same doll she showed me. Unbelievable. Why do people do this?!

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Desperate people do desperate things and not always nice so sorry .

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I trust way too easy. I need to learn not to do that. I’m just going to stick with buying kits. I thought you know I could get a actual well made reborn and look over the doll and learn from it. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

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As @anjsmiles suggested check into getting your money back from PayPal .

I definitely am.

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Yes! It was on Instagram. She contacted me saying she had a prototype that she paid 900 for and would make me a deal and I would only pay 500. I honestly thought it was legit. Safety picture was there and everything. Boy did I get a wake up call!

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I’ve been here a few days… I was seeing if anyone knew her on here. I thought someone might have seen her or something I don’t know. I’m just done. I thought it was an ok community but was scammed out of 500 so I’m done with it all.

Didn’t you give her an awesome deal on that baby