Could use some prayers here

In January of 2018 my sister had a total left knee replacement with many complications following the surgery, including two additional surgeries on that knee. More than a year later, she still isn’t fully recovered from that. Yesterday, she fell getting out of the shower. She’s 73. She fractured her left femur (thigh bone), her right tibia and fibula (the two bones below the knee) and her right ankle. She’ll be having surgery today or tomorrow. It’s been a medical nightmare year for her. Right now, she needs all the prayers she can get, for healing and for strength to cope with all this. She’s going to be out of commission for a long time and will more than likely have to be in a rehab facility, or nursing home, for months before she’ll be able to go home, because she lives alone. Recovery will be 6 months to a year. She’s sooo discouraged.


Oh, I am so sorry to hear this! How terrible for her. She really did take a bad fall with all those breaks. Living alone has to be scary. Wondering if one will fall and can’t get up with no one to help them. (I know because this is one of my thoughts, and I don’t live alone. But, I don’t take baths or showers unless my husband is home so that if I do fall he can help me.) Praying for her. I know it will be so hard, and has been hard. Bless her, Lord.

Thank you. I think anyone who lives alone, regardless of age, should have an emergency call button. Had she not had one, she could have laid there on the floor for days. They’re also useful if someone’s breaking into your house because they respond very quickly.


So happy for her that she had that. My Mom had one, too, but I don’t know that she ever used it. But still… if they need it, they have it. Do you live near her?

I’m an hour and a half away. I stayed with her, and took care of her, after her knee surgeries but I think this one’s going to be out of my league. We’ll see.

So sorry to hear that. Sending a good vibes, hugs, and wishes of the speedy recovery.

You can only do what you can physical stand up to in regards to taking care of her. I am sure that must be why they are saying rehab in a nursing facility for some months. As humans we have our limitations. I took care of my Mom here in my house until she passed away. It was less than a year after her diagnosis with cancer. It is hard to take care of an ill person long term. I wanted to care for her, but when she had several small strokes in hospital, I knew I would not be able to handle her. She could not even sit up on her own. She did go to a nursing facility, where she passed away 3 days later. I know it is, and will be, hard not just for her, but for you as well.

I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers for you both.

Sending prays and positive energy your way

Good luck to her and saying prayers for a quick smooth surgery and I’m praying for a fast recovery

Oh no, well wishes for her recovery :two_hearts:

So sorry, sending prayers and gentle hugs xx

So sorry to hear - sending prayers and strength for her recovery!! Remember not to overwork yourself in trying to help :heart:

Oh, my. I am so sorry to hear this news. I will be praying for a speedy recovery and strength for her and for the family during this difficult time. May God Bless you all !!

Oh no! I am so sorry! Please send her our best regards. Is it possible to send her some words of encouragement or some other things she may need to keep her occupied while recovering? Please let me know in a PM how I can help.

Keeping you both in my prayers.

Praying for you and your sister.


Sending many prayers your family’s way. :pray:

Oh no Jean…I’m So sorry for her painful medical problems and your worry. :disappointed_relieved: I will keep you both in my prayers. If you want to pm me her first name, I’d like to pray using her name, but if not it’s okay as the Lord knows who I pray for…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Love you Jean…take care of you too honey.