Could use some prayers here

Her first name is Kate.

I’m so sorry she’s going through all that. Prayers for healing.

Prayers :pray:t2:

I am wishing her the best and she is definately in my thoughts and prayers.

Prayers, Jean, for both of you!

Sending up prayers for the both of you!

She is in my thoughts and prayers. How terrible for her… I pray she heals quickly and gets to go home Alot sooner than expected.

Prayers for you and Kate!! :pray:

Sending up prayers for you and your dear sister Kate.

praying for your sis:hugs:

REALLY good news! All the prayers helped. Kate’s not going to need surgery after all. The breaks are clean and not displaced so her right ankle is in a cast and her left leg will be in a long leg immobilizer. She’ll have to be in a rehab facility for the next 6 weeks and unable to walk at all but she’ll handle that. Thank you all so much for your prayers.:hugs::hugs::hugs:


I just saw your post, Jean, and prayed for your sister’s healing and for her spirits to be lifted so that she can heal. :heartpulse:

Sending up prayers for a quick recovery and complete healing. I’m so sorry to hear about her fall.