Confession to a horrific crime

I hate to confess to his but if you reborn I guess it’s always a risk. If it had happened to any other baby other than my Presley asleep I probably wouldn’t be experiencing such grief.

Here goes…I completed the multiple layers it took to give my Presley just the right skin tone. I have to say I was rather proud. Now I was ready to varnish the head but being a little nervous I tried it out on my test baby first. Worked great and no shine…wonderful. Now those of you that have been reborning for years know where I’m going, don’t you? After applying the varnish I went on to other task. When I returned I saw a baby head shinn

Sorry. Something through me out.

What I was saying was is hat the head was so shinny it could have passed for a new bowling ball. Yikes!!! I screamed and felt my legs go weak. Panic set in…thoughts of throwing out my brushes set in. After a sleepless night and hours on you tube I decided it was worth trying a stripper. Well, I must admit that Citristrip Gel is a miracle worker. My Presley asleep is back to being a pale as the day it arrived. No damage whatsoever ever to the vinyl.

There…I admitted it. Forgive me reborners of the world. By he way, I keep saying my Presley because from he beginning I planned on keeping him/her for myself. Maybe tonight I’ll get some sleep.
Thanks for listening.


so the vinyl is not shiny now that you stripped it?

Glad you were able to save him! We’ve all had close calls, believe me…some not as fortunate as you. Sleep well ~ and oh by the way, don’t forget to post pics of your little one, WIP or done, we want to see!!!

Not one bit.

Wow! Sounds like the varnish you used was not matte then. Maybe you got some of the satin varnish?

Thanks. I figured out that what I did wrong (probably) was that I applied too much matte varnish. I looked at the bottle several times to make sure it was matte. It did good on my test baby.

My matte varnish is in a jar, not bottle, and it never ever made the baby shiny. What exactly did you use?

I only had a baby go shiny when I left it in the oven too long.

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I need to get some stripper so at least you helped me chose one! Where did you get it from? I am just glad you didn’t melt him. Now that is when I panic!

I found it at Home Depot but was told I could also find it in Ace Hardware.

Mine is Ina jar as well. The first time I used it the baby felt rough. I thinned it down and it worked fine on my test vinyl so all I can think is that it was too thick on Presley.

I’m very confused. You found heat set matte varnish at Home Depot or was it a liquid/paste matte that you applied and allowed to air dry? I have 3 different brands of liquid matte that I use for different applications on the detail at the end of the process and one of them is pretty shiny. Could you post a picture of the product that you used.

She found a stripping product at Home Depot, not matte varnish.

Sorry for the confusion. I bought the stripper from Home Depot.

I love a good science experiment so I bought some of the stripper and have a largish bowl full of my early failures soaking in it so I will update how that goes. How long did it take to strip? So far it seems to be very mild and to be cutting the paint off slowly- it was very thick paint as it was was my first attempts at genesis paint and then there was the horrible bargain oven that ruined several kits despite me standing next to it with my eye on the thermometer without blinking for a second.

Some areas of paint took a little more time to remove. I used a Mr. Clean sponge and that helped to take the stubborn spots off. Also a toothbrush dipped in the stripper made getting into the creases a little easier. I’ve got a couple of babies (my firsts) that I’m going to redo as well. Good luck with yours.

I have always used Winsor Newton Brush Cleaner and conditioner to strip a kit (only twice - thankfully). I use if on a cotton ball and it strips immediately with a little rubbing. A toothbrush in creases and smaller areas works well. I am not sure what kind of stripper you got at Hime Depot, but I am interested in the results. Did it remove the paint? Did it damage the vinyl? Is the Vinyl shiney after stripping? Is the new paint staying in the vinyl?

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Hi Pia. The stripper worked really well. It states that it is gentle and it was. The vinyl was not shiny afterwards nor was it damaged. It is holding the paint really well. I’ll post pictures soon. Doing both Presley asleep and awake to make a twin set.

What brand is the stripper you bought?