Confession to a horrific crime

The results from my experiments are in! The product that I got was Citristrip brand gel from Home depot (I am pretty sure I have seen this product at walmart and other places). I tested parts that had been painted with genesis, authentic reborn and some that I put matte varnish and gloss varnish on. I let them sit for approx 2 hours before I was able to easily remove some of the genesis flesh with a toothbrush, and a very fine scrubby pad (I wish I would have had a better scrubby but it was late and I used what was on hand). I got tired and went to bed. I let them sit in the citristrip all day. When I started to work on them, the genesis paint came off very easily. The authentic reborn that was over genesis had stained all the way through the layers of genesis and what was on the lips / nails was impossible to remove, the gloss did not come off but with some scrubbing I was able to get through matte varnish. The parts that were just genesis were perfect. They are not shiny or damaged at all after sitting for almost 20 hours! It is non-corrosive and safe for indoor use it says and I used it in an area that has poor ventilation with no problems. I have to order brush cleaner as I have no art supply house near me so this is good if I need something quick.

I am anxious for you to try the Winsor-Newton for comparison. I think it has removed most all the paint (AR included) when I have used it (except maybe blue?).

I broke down and ordered the Winsor-Newton to clean the AR off now that this experiment got me motivated to join the strip club. The citristrip was really good to strip the only genesis painted parts but it also left faint blue (genesis) on them but it was minimal. I liked the fact I could feel safe to leave them for a long time before finishing if I needed to, and I am chronically clumsy so I got some on me and it did not burn me but I did wash it off me within a few minutes . Is the Winsor-Newton really caustic? I will post how the winsor-newton removes the residual AR and gloss and how they compare in my $0.02 to each other i.e citrisrip, acetone, winsor-newton- etc, that is unless I blow the house up with all these chemicals!

The faint blue is just part of the Genesis! Just figure it is a headstart on the “repaint”.

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The brand of stripper is Citristrip. It’s orange, smells good, can be used indoors and is creamy. Worked great for me. Hopefully there won’t be a next time but I will try Pia’s suggestion of Windsor-Newton for comparison.