Concerns regarding my eBay purchase (with pictures)

Hi everyone. I have some concerns regarding my new baby. I really don’t want to offend anyone, but I am worried.

The baby arrived with his head coming off, and there are visible speckles of flesh-color paint all over his skin… I really don’t want hurt his artist’s feelings, because she seems nice, but here is a picture in daylight so you can see. I did manage to get the head back on.

In terms of the sculpt…

The baby has a Grayson head by Andrea Arcello, which looks authentic to me, but I took a look at the limbs and I’m not sure what to make of them. They were listed as “Mix and Match” limbs, which I assumed were from Adrie Stoete’s collection of the same name, but they’re definitely not Stoete limbs.

I thought they might be by Reva Schick, but they really don’t feel like normal vinyl. I’m worried they may be from China. I contacted the artist via eBay, and I’m waiting to hear back from her (she seems wonderful), but I wanted your opinions, too.

They look INCREDIBLY similar to this knock-off, don’t they?

I am sick with worry that I just spent so much money a doll that may have counterfeit parts. If anyone can give me any information, I’d be so, so grateful.

Here’s the original listing:

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I have no idea whose feet those are, but I know the arms are from Donna Rubert’s Gemma kit here on bb


I don’t know what the issues were with some of the limbs from that edition but there was a problem so most people ended up with just a usable head. I think when she says mix and match she means that she bought other limbs and used them. There are plenty of places where you can legitimately get extra limbs. Irresistables and bountiful baby are two that I know of. I wouldn’t worry. As for the flesh, it looks like she was using it thicker to create skin tone variation and it just didn’t get pounced enough in some areas. That’s part of what makes these babies art. Every artist does their own thing and it all looks different. There are going to be blemishes here and there.


That is the same artist who sold me an “Ariel sculpt” to which she claimed was authentic when I questioned her. And sent me a doll with an Ariel head, raine legs, and sweetpea arms… She is not an honest seller. :unamused:


I think you’re right about the arms… they’re much less squishy than the legs, and they feel like normal vinyl. But I’m almost positive the legs are knock-offs.

What did you do about it? I can’t resell a baby with counterfeit parts…

Unfortunately, I was so new to the hobby I didn’t realize I had been had until months after the fact. You should get a refund under the terms of “item not as described”. Unless you genuinely love the doll, of course. But it’s kind of sounding like you don’t? :woman_shrugging:

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I mix and match limbs all the time. I thought it was okay as a reborn artist to create a baby of my own vision. I try to name the kits where the parts came from, but sometimes I can’t tell. The limbs are showing clearly in the ad. I think it’s a beautiful baby. And I think the price is really a bargain. I’d keep him and enjoy him.


I’m absolutely supportive of mixing and matching kits! I think it’s great. I knew when purchasing the doll that they weren’t the original limbs. But not disclosing that the parts are knock-offs seems unethical to me.

I feel the same way. Not a problem at all as long as it’s disclosed. In my case, working with this seller, it was not. She assured me it was a 100% authentic kit when I questioned her. :woman_shrugging: I guess just take the course of action you feel is right. At least she let you know that it was a mix & match. :woman_shrugging:

The limbs aren’t that bad, people mix them all the time. I’m not sure about the China part of it. Could be that it’s one of the stolen ones.
The paint doesn’t look good, though. I agree with you on that. Did she paint him herself and is he new? Because he looks like a secondhand one.

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I got him straight from the artist— she painted him herself.

Hm, it’s just that in the picture, the lips look odd. Kind of chipped?

The skin doesn’t bother me too bad from the photo unless it’s bad but I can’t tell from that photo too much
But what is really bothering me I don’t know if it’s the photos lighting but it looks like a big yellow cold sore on the baby bottom lip- what is that, just the lighting?
She should have mentioned it was a mix and match kit which is fine to do but that SHOULD have been mentioned in the sale.
If you are not happy with him then I would contact her and say item is not as described and mention that the photos were not clear.

It is impossible that the limbs on your doll are the ones you posted in your possible “knockoff” photo. The eBay listing says the doll was made with 3/4 limbs and you posted a photo with full limbs . If your doll has 3/4, this can’t be.

I would have hesitated as a buyer when it said “mix and match” without saying where they were from or what sculpt. It is ok to mix limbs if it is disclosed in the listing, but it is good as a buyer to know what you are buying.

The listing says “ultra matte gel” was used to seal. It might be the graininess you are seeing. Not sure. Your pic is not super clear for the facial area.

I’m surprised they used “German Lauscher mouth-blown GlassEyes” on a baby sold for 245. They are expensive.

It is a cute sculpt used for the head. If you want to know what kits the limbs came from you can ask the artist and see what response you get. If you displeased with the painting, you might contact them, but the artist states clearly no returns. I am sorry to not be of more help.


Here’s a better pic of the mouth.

@teacupbears I am no help but am so sorry this happened to you.

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Reading and viewing the pictures from the original listing.The pictures of the baby look the same and she disclosed that the limbs are mix and match.Anytime you buy on Ebay ,you should ask any questions before bidding or buying.This person has been selling for a long time.I have seen her babies listed many times.I think her listing is completely honest. I will say that I would not have bought the baby after enlarging and viewing the pictures,I really don’t like her painting but that’s just me.I do think it is exactly like her pictures though.


I change limbs to full on all my toddlers if they don’t come with them, but I always state what limbs I use and know thm… I would ask your artist, agree they def are not the knock off Arianna limbs (the pic with knock off Leontyne Zweers head) they would be huge on that Grayson head too. I would get more info from the artist

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I looked at the pictures very closely, but you’re right— I should’ve asked for less blurry ones before buying. I thought I could take a chance because she has so much good feedback. I feel very ashamed at the moment.

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