Compulsive forum checking

I used to check the news, but now I check the forums (this one and two others) when I come online. And I’m terribly dissappointed when there is nothing new to read or respond to. Is anyone else like me? I know why. There is no one in my immediate vicinity that gives a hoot about reborns. I can only talk to my family so often or it becomes “blah-blah-blah” to them. So I guess I come on here for a very real sense of community. Thanks for being there, everybody. You mean so much to me even though I don’t know most of your real names or faces.

Rereading this, I’m being a little unfair to my family. They have heard me ramble on a lot and are always polite and kind about it, but I just want some people around who enjoy the subject as much as I do.


I’m relieved to know that,LOL. I suspect there are lots of us.

Literally laughing out loud!


I have a regular pattern of checking-lol


I check in about 4 times a day to see what is new. You aren’t the only one. Most people in my area do not even know what a reborn doll is. I enjoy the sharing that we do here and certainly the help. Communally yours, Diane


I check this site NUMEROUS times a day…lol.

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I have you beat… I check 5 boards.

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I do the same…you can tell from my post.
I’m really CRAVING someone nearby that I can bounce things off (in person) about my reborns or reborning in general but don’t think anyone lives near enough to me. I really need to talk to someone about competitions but you aren’t allowed to reveal anything to anyone. Oh well…Otterbaby2 how far from Montgomery Al are you :smile::baby:

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I am on:
Doll fan

Thanks Diane!
Your fellow addict,

Me, too! I belong to two other reborn forums but this one much more activity so it’s my favorite! It’s sad when I check and there’s nothing new. :wink:

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Yeah, I belong to two others too, but I don’t feel at home there. I get lots of useful information there though and some of the people from here are on those too. I don’t check those everyday or hour or whatever like I do this one.

Same here. I check BB forum when I walk by the computer but only once or twice for the other forums.

You definitely are NOT alone. I check this all the time, in fact my computer sits on the dining table ON all day just so I can check the forum, I too belong to a couple of other forums and love them also but they are much slower paced, Most of the time there isn’t anything new on them but I check them just the same, they also have wonderful fellow reborners willing to give any and all information they can.


I check this one quite often too! At least twice a day or more. Love all the tips I get from everyone here. :smile:


Sorry, Pennsylvania. Diane :cry:

me also here way too often checking for something new information pictures of someones beautiful babies if theres nothing new ill read something old
and people know when they ask what im doing to now finish it themselves with on the bountiful baby forum lol


I’ve done this, too. :wink:

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Checking in again. Sorry otterbaby2 for some reason I was thinking you were from Florida. :pensive:.

Here I am again. Gotta check in before I retire for the night. After all something amazing might have been divulged while I was at Bible Study.