Come to my reborn "yard sale" lots of SOLE NOW LIVE

I’ve decided that I am enjoying collecting reborns more than painting right now so I am selling off almost all the kits I have. The “yard sale” will start sunday on my page. I’ll add the link sunday

Edited to add: To everyone commenting wanting a kit or PM’ing me: To make it fair I will be posting the link to my shop on Sunday at 3PM. It will be first come first serve. Sorry for any inconvience

Edited to add again: I will also have lots of clothing for sale! Hopefully good deals for reborners who need clothes😊 And shipping may seem expensive since things are separate but I will combine and refund the difference.

Some of the kits I’ll have listed include:

Various heads

Realborns (sole and regular)

Ramsey by Cassie Brace

Noa by Gudrun Legler

Scarlett by Bonnie Brown

April by Joanna K

Toby by Phil Donnelly

Zoey by Cassie Brace

Corvin by Sabine Altenkirch

Leo by Sabine Altenkirch

Adelya by Olga Auer

Sally by Bonnie Brown (previously painted)

Hattie by Cassie Brace (previously painted)

And more!! Everything will be priced to sell and I cannot figure out how to combine shipping on reborns but if you place multiple orders I can combine shipping if you want and refund the difference. I will also have hair, eyes, and paint supplies for sale. If there are any kits you are looking for I don’t have listed, please ask. I kept a couple but if I know someone is looking for it I may be more willing to destash it lol.


I’d love to purchase some of your kits!

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I like Ramsey by Cassie brace paypal ready

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I’m looking for kits also

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What time on Sunday? I usually miss out because of the time difference of California.

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I’m thinking the afternoon, probably around 3 pm EST. I think that is 12 for you?? I have about half the listings ready to go but I think I’ll wait to post the link until I have them all listed.


Yes, that’s 12 for me. I’ll be ready.

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To everyone commenting wanting a kit or PM’ing me now: To make it fair I will be posting the link to my shop on Sunday at 3PM. It will be first come first serve. Sorry for the inconvenience but I want it to be fair.


I like fair. :slightly_smiling_face: Will they be listed under accessories or in your nursery?

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I’m honestly not sure the difference. I listed them under accessories but I’ll put the link to my nursery. I’m sending the link to a family member now to test it out for me lol.

I see a head that I have been wanting. 12 for me too but I won’t be home or near internet services. :sob:

I’m in Canada. If I purchased (PayPal ready) can I give you my sons address to ship to? He’s in Cleveland. I’ve had members do that for me previously

If you can add it as your PayPal address if you buy something then I absolutely can. I typically print the shipping from PayPal so I need it in there as well as for the records that I sent it to the right place.

Edited to add I will also have big lots of clothes!


What’s your nursery name?

Now I’m coming. I want yard sale clothes!!:grin:

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Beccas Reborn Babies. It’s private right now I will open it up and link it here on Sunday :slight_smile:


You are killing me here! :rofl:


Sorry😬 I didn’t realize it would be this big lol. I’m finding more and more to add!


I feel like I’ll just add more and more to my cart. :flushed:

Are going to post it all up all at once then? Like is there a button to do that or one by one as you go down through them?

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