Closing open-eyed kits? Help please? :)

I want to try closing the eyes on an awake kit, but I’m not sure what to use. Clay might work, yes, but if you have to continually heat set the kit when painting i’m afraid the clay would be brittle with continued baking or darken or crack.

Is painting clay any different than painting vinyl?

I was also thinking about that vinyl repair stuff but I don’t know if it would be too gooey to sculpt an eyelid in. Help? Please? :slight_smile:


I have no idea… But you go girl!!!


I have used it and painted it with Genesis…here is a kit I did it to…

This is Georgia by Linda Murray…I didn’t like all the deep wrinkles under the eyes so I used pro sculpt and filled them in…then painted them with genesis heat set…the paint sits a bit different but you can blend it in really well…

This first pic is the Proto by Tinkerbell Nursery and in her original form

These 2 are mine with the fill in job done… (Did this back in early 2014 when I bought the kit not seeing the deep wrinkles…excuse the shine - it wasn’t that shiny but the camera tended make it look that way…lol)


Thank you Starr!

Im suprised that could look as if you did nothing like it was made that way!! It stuck to the vinyl well it looks like. fantastic!!. Never thought could look so good

Did you sand down the puffiness of the lower eye lid or just cover over?
Those blue eyes are mesmorizing by the way.

Oops Starr, one more question…does the clay darken or have any issues as you bake the layers over and over?

Your baby is beautiful by the way!


Starr! That was amazing! I didn’t know you could do that. And Izzy, let us now how this comes out. I am so curious. I have had several open eyed kits that I wished I could close but didn’t dream it might be possible.


Star, that is amazing work. I see you have a new pic - NICE! You look so happy in it! At first I thought I was seeing wrong when I saw the dark hair but I guess you’re brunette now. :smile:


Yes I remember this baby! I know she was a member on here but I can’t figure out her name. Found her on DF and sent her a PM that she opened but never replied to. :frowning: she said she used an ‘elastic bake able material’ on her old post but I don’t know what that is.

I want to try it on Lelou. :slight_smile:

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That’s sad. :confused:


Sounds interesting, Izzy. I look forward to seeing you do this. :grinning:

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Rough experimenting lol.


Ok these eyelids don’t match cause I tried two different techniques. Excuse poor sculpting job I just put a few lines in to get an idea lol. I realize the clay doesn’t match the vinyl but it’s actually blended in and you could paint over it I think. Only thing I worry about is the clay darkening with continued bakes and cracking when you start rooting. Did you have any of those problems Starr?

@maitreasuredbabies :wink:


Izzy, you are an amazing sculptress! You are already figuring it out. That looks pretty good. I really like how you did the doll’s right eye.

Thank you! I think with a bit more tweaking I could get it to work on the kit I have in mind. :slight_smile:


I think you can do it! :smiley:


Wow, this thread has grown…lol Sorry I went off to bed and then got up and went to town so just getting back on…
No I didn’t sand any, just built the clay up in the creases and smoothed so it worked great!

What I did was cook the clay layer in there once and then went in and painted it with a layer of flesh and cooked again and layered the flesh coats and detail coats and just cooked it each time so if it did turn darker, I never saw it…it was cooked quite a few times with each layer so was perfect when it was finished…I used my fingernail on it to see if I could make an impression in it in case it was not fully cured but all was good…The lady that bought him (I told her what I had done prior to her buying him and that was several years ago…I asked her recently how he was doing and she said “Beautiful as ever”…so it must have worked well. :smile:

Heehee…I didn’t know myself if it woudl work but it seems to be holding well…It was an experiment and was meant to be one I kept but one of my customers saw him and wanted him so even though I told her he was an ‘experiment baby’ she was and is still very happy with him…

Thanks so much Jacqueline…Yes I went back to my natural hair colour… the blonde was only in the front and I wore it like that for about 12 years but went back to my natural hair colour… :smile:

So far so good Izzy, no problens…I did do an area under the eyes on the actually vinyl though so not sure with the clay over acrylic eyes or blanks or whatever you are using behind the clay as a 'form" - could react differently depending on what is (or isn’t behind) the clay???


Izzy your eyelids look great already first try!!

westerstarr the finished baby looks like its flat under the eye and the before looks very puffy in a way i would think would cause a big lump if you covered it…im just shocked it came out so super good

Also she has hair.did you bake her with hair on?
looks fine if you did didnt singe it all the baking?

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