Clean face reborn?

I’d like to see posts of clean face newborn and young babies. I’m starting out soon on another reborn and I don’t like scratches or other marks on my reborns. I do want a realistic baby. Thanks!

I don’t like scratches that much either.
Here are a couple of mine:


I love your style! This is how I’m going to paint my baby.


Thomas is a keeper for me so I’m doing him with a very newborn colouring.


I Absolutely love the baby in the Mickey outfit :heart::heart::purple_heart:

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I have a few ……



I think mine are pretty clear.


I love Joseph as a girl! I’m in love with all these babies. Thank you everyone for sharing your pictures.


Here are a few of mine think would be in that relm


Thank you! He’s BBs Meg. :slight_smile:

They’re beautiful English roses. I like the complexion on the first and last so much!

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Awe thank you, that’s Laila and Miranda

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I’m not as good yet! I’m trying to get on the same level as so many of you guys here. How long did you paint before you got better?

I feel like I should know this, but who’s the baby in the last picture? I love her!

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What kit was this one made from? Beautiful coloring.

The second baby down was my third baby I ever painted the last one was my fourth baby. Took me almost a year…

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I’m taking it slow too. Supplies cost a lot and I don’t want to waste money.

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I am working on a set of Joseph twins for a local lady. Here is a pic of them… one a little further along with a warming layer. But I love my babies to have clear faces. I don’t mottle the faces much but all around it blending my mottle kind of down toward the face.


Little cuties! I love the look. I don’t like extrene mottling like I’ve seen on some reborn babies. I don’t mottoe the face either, just around it and blend it in. With ethnic babies, should we mottle at all?