***** Christmas Baby Challenge - 2015 *****

Hi Ladies, Looks like everyone is well on there way to getting there babies in for the Halloween Challenge so we are looking forward to seeing those and voting in the very near future…

Seems that lots of ladies are interested in a CHRISTMAS BABY CHALLENGE so here we go:

This challenge is going to be a bit different but still sticking to most of the same rules at the other challenges.

GENERAL RULES: (A bit boring but necessary!)

  1. Doll pictures can not be displayed on any other sites until after voting, This includes Facebook, Ebay, other social and sale sites, etc \

  2. No one should reveal what doll kit they will be doing - like receiving a Christmas pressie - this should be a total surprise!!!

  3. You may enter more than one baby if you wish…

  4. The voting is open to FORUM MEMBERS ONLY

  5. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

  6. Pictures can be submitted at any time to my email address - butterfliesandbows@live.com

  7. We need 2 pictures for each entry - 1 close up shot and 1 full body shot

OK, Now the FUN PART!!!

THEME: Christmas - This can be achieved by the sculpt you choose or the way you dress your baby…No other rules apply.

DOLL KIT: Any Doll Kit of your choice (preferably a BB kit if possible) - This is a great way to go through your stash and clear out a few of those 'cobwebbed kits and make some dolly dollars or extra Christmas funds!

START DATE: Officially to start immediately after the HALLOWEEN BABY CHALLENGE but those of you who want to get started now…Go for it.

FINAL SUBMISSION DATE: November 27th - This is the Friday right after Thanksgiving so you have lots of time to get those creative juices flowing and get your photos in and it will allow voting to be finished on the 30th so that you can list you babies for sale in plenty of times for Christmas Shoppers. (It also allows you to focus on family and your Thanksgiving festivities up to Thanksgiving and once that is behind you, you can get down to business and get your votes in…)

VOTING: Voting will be done on a 'Star Rating" system -

Voters will designate stars for their choices - I will make up a template similar to Michele’s - (I thought that was a brilliant and easy to use system - Way to go Michele!)

1st Choice - 3 stars
2nd Choice - 2 stars
3rd Choice - 1 star

VOTING WILL BE OPEN - NOVEMBER 28TH - 30TH (and must be submitted by November 30th - 9pm EST.)
(I will have to figure out when that is since we are 15 hours ahead of you here in Oz but I’ll be ready…lol)

You may vote for your own baby if you feel it is the best…
You can only cast your votes once.

If I have forgotten anything, please feel free to post your comments.

Best of Luck to eveyone…This is going to be a very fun, very diverse and very difficult to vote on challenge! :smile:


Yay! Sounds good to me.

That sounds like a great challenge. I can already see it coming---------going over the babies a million times is going to be the REAL CHALLENGE!!!

I feel like this challenge is more about dressing the baby in Christmas clothes, right? Who makes the most Christmassy doll?

Hi Nikki,

It’s about any thing Christmas–s-s-s-sie meaning your Christmas themed baby can be dressed for Christmas or costumed as a Christmas tree…heehee or you can do an elf or sugar plum fairy or what ever you like… I think the voting will be harder because it will be so diverse but the ladies asked for it so Voila…here it is…lol


Will someone just tell me what sculpt I can do?? I can’t make decisions!!! My brain is missing… Just tell me which and I will do it! Ok Starr! Who will it be???


Ahhh Nikki…you would do great choosing…It would depend on what you wanted to do with your entry and with what kits you have in your stash…for example: If you wanted to do an elf or a Christmas fairy or Christmas angel you could use one of the more dolly looking kits or if you are going to use clothes to bring some Christmas cheer any bubs would be great…You can do all sorts of things with them…your imagination is pretty much the limit…Clothes, Costumes, a specific fairy sculpt, or just the way you paint and present them…This challenge is is very open…I think it is more just a fun way for everyone to get into the Christmas spirit and show some creativity…(and don’t tell me you are not creative - I saw those pictures of you on a camel and joy riding in the cart…you are VERY creative and fun!)


That’s crazy Starr… Not creative! Lolololol those things happen when I am left to my own devices. :smiling_imp:

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Then we should do a CHRISTMAS SWAP between all the contestants!!!:+1::heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:smiley::smiley:

I think I’m going to get in on this one. I haven’t done one yet so I’m excited!

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Yay KATE!:heart:

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I’m in, Starr. Thanks for taking on this challenge. I think you have brought some good ideas to the board for this one. It is going to be different and fun. I’m going to be staring at my stash with Starry eyes and a dreamy look on my face for the next few days.



I’m in…this should be fun! Thanks Starr for setting things up. :christmas_tree::gift:

I’m in too! Can’t wait!

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Nikki its pregnancy brain lol


Woohoo! I’m totally in on this one. Fun fun!!

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how about donate one small baby item or something for the winner artists I am in Vancouver BC but I would be happy to mail an envelope of surprise for the winner or for the member who is organizing this and she can send to the winner …

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God… Help us all. I really can’t afford any brain cells. I’m struggling as is… :grin:


Excellent point. .Thanks Michelle,…I will add that to the rules…

Thanks ladies…I am looking forward to doing this one…I think this is going to be a very fun challenge and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful babies…There are lots of very talented ladies on this forum…