Christ Child

I was asked to make the Christ Child for a Christmas Cantata. He is finally finished and just wanted to share. Did a little research as to the swaddling used and used tied muslin. Hope you like him.



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The baby is beautiful. I think you should launder the fabric a few times and maybe stain it a little in tea so it doesn’t look so clean and new! I love the baby!


Which sculpt is this? You did a great job!!!


Pia. I was thinking of soaking in tea to change the color but was just a little afraid of getting it to dark. I think I will give it a shot though and thanks for your input. When I was looking for the muslin was hoping to find the more tan color but had no luck.


If you get it too dark, just wash it with bleach to lighten! Seriously, just make weak tea and keep pulling it out and checking it. I would wash it first so it will take the stain better since it is probably “sized” . Then dump it in the tea bath while it is still wet.


Nikki that is the Meg by Marissa May. She was wonderful to work with.


Thanks Pia I will be trying it tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


So adorably precious! :smile:

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Beautiful work. They’ll love it. Everyone’s going to want to take baby Jesus home.

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What a lovely use for a reborn.

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I am in LOVE!

He’s adorable x

Wow! He looks great!

I would think any fabric store would have “unbleached muslin”, odd that you couldn’t find it.

I found the unbleached muslin but it was all stark white so as Pia recommended to dye it with tea. That’s what I am going to try.

Thank-you all for the nice complements. I am going to do the tea dye to give it a light color instead of it being so white. I’m hoping it will turn out ok and still look good.

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Muslin is a great idea… I used burlap!!! Poor baby!!!

So what do you think Pia does it look better?

It’s getting late afternoon so lighting is not real good. It toned down the white just hope not to much.