Check in, catch up, how ya doin?

I don’t come here as often as I use to, life has been a bit busy with my little home for the summer, regular work (I make art that is not reborn related), I have a big floating project I am working on, and it is just damn hot and Lordy I am tired by 9:30 every night.

I am in Northern California and the heat has landed on us, ouch. We are all happy, healthy, doing ok. Life is good.

I have about 6 babies on my workbench that need finishing, it’s just too hot to work in my studio when I can find the time. I really want to get them done.

Sales are ok, not like they use to be but I can’t complain.

I am making a lot less babies mostly because I just can’t find the time. When school starts maybe I can get more done. I am painting down my stash before I buy even one more sculpt. I always say that but I am witting it down…it is kinda cool, never thought I could.

I have some crazy baby painting ideas I may visit after September.

So Chime in, if you are an old timer let us know how you are doing, catch us up. If you are new to the forum tell us where you are, what you are working on, how your people are.


Doing good and happy u doing well too.

Working on a custom doll head for a friend. Taking day off today and celebrating my 29th birthday.

Went to church, then went to town and got pizza from papa Murphy’s had that for lunch dinner and had DQ icecream cake. A church sister showed up with a card and flowers not to long ago also.

I working on dolls on free time as I also help my mom a lot too as she can’t drive etc anymore she has like 50% of her vision since her strokes and head injury. And also work around schedules as well.

Sales not best I have couple dolls for sale at moment. And just switch to reborn website instead of eBay.

Dropped off some cupcakes to friends I haven’t seen in while even though they live down the road from me.

Tomorrow is working on couple things and cleaning. And maybe paint tomorrow evening.


Not doing so great, Gina. I caught the stomach bug right before vacation in Vermont and it made it pretty miserable for me. I had some nice moments in between and took photos in the woods that you can see in the “one good thing” thread. I got to do some simple watercolor paintings and did have some laughs with the family. However, my stomach and digestive tract are still not back to normal. It has been over a week now. If it doesn’t straighten out soon I guess I will have to see a doctor. I’m kind of tired of the brat diet.

I worked some more on a vintage doll that I am fixing up for a friend. I am having fun and learning a lot. I ordered nylon hair for her and I’m going to have to use a different rooting technique so we’ll see how that goes. I hope I am successful getting her put back together- I have to sew the vinyl limbs onto the body and I think it is going to be really tricky.

Today my oldest turned 24. We went out to eat at a local diner. The food was really good. She got Nutella pancakes with strawberries and syrup!

Always enjoy hearing what you are up to and catching up💗


I’m in northern California as well. Hot as blazes here, as high as 106. Not conducive to doing much. Thank God for AC. Otherwise, I’d suffocate. I’m working on a body for @JoyW’s baby that she’s restoring. Getting ready to put Rafael together, but I think he needs one more coat of sealer. I’m still working on the seed bead Christmas tree I’m making for my nephew and starting to work on Christmas items for a craft fair in December. I’ve got one in process sale, my first in a very long time.


Aww Lisa…sorry you still havent bounced back…:cry:

Gina…sounds like you have your hands full this summer.

Sorry you are roasting…it’s been hot here…but the humidity hasnt been as horrible as usual…until last week…right in time for picking beans…and the fair…yuck. :tired_face:

I have only done 21 qts of beans and my BIL did 21 for me while we were gone last week. More to pick by Thursday or Friday. Then tomatoes and corn will be coming on too. Blueberries may be around august 10 or so I’m estimating.

I have not been doing much…still working on the house…but not as intensely as last year. My motivation is gone…i just want to sit on my porch or in my hammock…I’m driving Chuck crazy…bc he still wants to go 90mph.

Working on master bath…will try to finish the shower by next week…:crossed_fingers:t2:

I have been drawing a bit…found some of my pencils…I want to get some better paper…a smoother surface. I sneak into the craft room at lunch and don’t come out til he figures out what I’m doing :rofl:

Still got a ways to go on Pierce’s portrait…man…I have alot to learn …


Had my Grandmother’s funeral today, it was a long emotional day.
My girls turned 19 this month, and they started classes at the local college. My car is in the shop so I ride to town with them on the days when I have things to do.
I’m surprised that the dolls I listed recently sold fairly quickly, but now PayPal is saying I have reached my limit for the month hmmm. I didn’t realize I was putting the tracking numbers on reborns, but apparently I also need to add them on PayPal itself. So I’m hoping that will help release my money, once they realize customers are receiving the dolls and I’m not just taking folks money :person_shrugging:.
Going to try making a few biracial babies next, I can never seem to get the same darker ethnic skin tones with air dry that I was able to get with Genesis.
Here’s a pic of my favorite cuddle I just sold, Jaycee. I really didn’t care for this Sculpt until I painted her and couldn’t get over how real she seemed! :heart_eyes:


Happy Birthday!!!

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Sorry about the stomach stuff, sounds awful. Can you believe you have a 24 year old daughter? I swear time goes by so fast with kids, they are time machines. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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Wow on the artwork and OH my! that bathtub is dreamy, I am so jelly. Isn’t this a barn renovation? that bathroom is the size of half my house. I love, love, love that tub.

Happy “birth” day and congrats on the sales. Nice hair on Jaycee and great skin tones, is that airdry?

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:rofl:…I am tired by 6:30 every night…and usually ASLEEP by 9:30…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…you are doing great!!!

How is your boat project going?? Did you sell your sweet little camper yet?? Someone will be lucky to get such a gem!

No…house is built from scratch barn…not a reno…
Looks like Noah’s Ark…:rofl:…hubby keeps saying what in the world were we thinking?? I say…too late now bub. :crazy_face:


I’m loving all of your boat updates! Maybe we can come visit you on the water sometime :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s been the busiest summer to date for us. If the kids aren’t in camps or lessons they’re home sick with some little virus they caught at the last one. The lazy days in between have been really nice for my quiet, introverted self, but I can see the rest of my super outgoing family thriving in the busyness, so I get through it for them :sweat_smile:

I paint when I have the creative energy- usually after everyone else is in bed and I can listen to my crime podcasts in peace. I’m finishing up Pascale and then plan to reborn my thrifted Berjusa baby.

After starting the year feeling completed defeated by POTS/dysautonomia I’m on a medication that is really helping and I’m feeling more like myself again. So grateful for that!


I am still recovering from my doll show as far as for painting. I still making videos about painting my silicone Darren, and slowly rooting Quinbee. I sew some rompers, knit a sweater.

We haven’t done anything yet for summer vacations, except the Regates of Valleyfield, as my husband doesn’t have any and weather is bad. We got heat waves, heavy rains and bad storms (with some tornadoes, it’s beginning to be a regular occurrence here, strangely).
This week seems to be sunny so maybe can we got out, just kids and me.
Kind of boring. But relaxing.


I just got back from a 3 night trip to Marita Winter’s house to paint silicone. Fun visit with reborning friends…


What a fun time! :heart_eyes:


What fun!


Still have the green goddess, I should sell her to pay for all the boat repairs but I kinda don’t want to, let’s see how Christmas sales go.

It is just a sweet little camper and my house is small so it is a great guest bedroom, a little bit of privacy, a nice bed, you can pee, make tea, have toast, watch a movie…

I would like my driveway back though.


Glad you are feeling better, your poor family has been hit hard with one virus after another. You must come to the boat, it is super relaxing, the kids can kayak around the marina.


Doll show is a big deal, that is a lot of work. Hope you get some agreeable weather and can enjoy some relaxing outdoor time.

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Look at that work room! I love it lots of great light and so organized.

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