Burnt Umber

When applying a BU wash as a warm up do any of you have a problem with the paint not looking soft and smooth but rather it looks like teeny tiny little dots of brown color when you look close at it? I don’t like that look. Anyone notice this??

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My burnt umber separates really fast I have to stir it up every time I put my brush back i nit

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I DO that Jenni but it still go on in tiny dots, am I doing something wrong?

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I dont notice any specks/dots on mine when I put it on. :confused: hmmm

Sometimes I notice that if I do several layers of burnt umber. Maybe try keeping the burnt umber mixture really thin?

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I do, I use extremely thin paint for washes. Maybe I have a bad batch of B.U.

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That could be!

My burnt umber works well, but my red separates super fast. I let bb know and they sent me a replacement… that does the exact same thing. I didn’t want them to have to eat the cost of another large jar, so I just let it go. Now I just have to stir it each time I load my brush. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but not a total deal breaker.


Mine used to do the exact same thing. Even got a new batch thinking it would help and it didn’t. I stopped using burnt umber entirely because it looked so bad.

This happens to me when I try and use the BU alone. I now take my skin tone mix and add BU into it a little at a time for each layer until I get the warm look that I want.

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Good advice! @rainbow :star2:

Same here. I just mix and mix and mix like crazy when I see any dark spots.

Mine always did the same thing no matey how well I mixed it. I don’t use it all anymore unless I need to add a tiny bit to some color or eyebrows or something. Now I just do my final washes with yellow ochre or sap green.

The burnt umber will do that… To create the smooth finish…use a cosmetic wedge not modified to apply. Exam the kit for any pooling, blotches or bubbles, with a dry wedge…lightly pounce those areas. Allow the paint to dry completely and then review all areas again and pounce as needed.


I can’t get burnt umber to work without the little tiny dots, using water. So instead I’ve been using my golden open thinner in its place, seems to work but I use very very little paint so it’s not strong 🤷

I do what Jenni does, have to stir the paint every time I put the brush back in it.

When I’ve had this problem, I’ve found that it seems to be the thinner I’m using, and it’s usually been the Mona Lisa thinner after it gets kind of old.

Would old thinner cause one color to separate but not the others? I have only had this issue with (both pots) of Bountiful Baby red. The other colors behave as expected with my Mona Lisa thinner.

I swear my burnt umber is a dust magnet. It pulls every speck of dust for miles around to stick on my doll.

I’m guessing maybe, because some colors seem to have heavier composition than others. I find that reds seem to also do the same as the burnt umber, which has red in it. That’s been my guess.

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