I wanted to fill you all in. I woke up covered in blood. It’s been a long night. Thank you for all your advice and prayers. I’m sorry I got yall so excited:-( knew I should have waited to say anything. You all are so sweet and amazing. Thank you for being there for me. :heart:


I’m so sorry to hear this Nikki​:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: Don’t ever be sorry for sharing exciting or devastating news with you’re friends. Big hugs to you and you’re husband.


So very sorry to hear this.

Sorry to read your post this morning. You should go see the new doctor anyway! Hope you will.

I’m so, so very sorry : (

Soooooooooo sorry for this news Nikki. Wish some of us could be there to give you a BIG hug and comfort you, but you do know we are here for you.

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wow very sorry to hear nikki sending hugs and strength your way

Oh no girl! :pensive:. I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry. Hugs and tons of prayers for you.

Nikki, I’m soooo sorry. Don’t be sorry for sharing. How else could we be here for you? My heart is hurting and I’m crying with you. Hugs to you and your husband.

So sorry to hear this news , hugs and prayers for you and your husband.

So sorry to read this…sending hugs and prayers your way .

So sorry, go see your doctor to prevent any complications. Prayers.

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Oh, I’m so sorry, Nikki!! I’m so glad you let us know so we could go through this with you.

I totally agree with Sony! Love you!! :kissing_heart:


I’m so sorry. :cry:

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So sorry

Oh Nikki! I’m crying my eyes out. I was so excited for you and I loved little “bunny” already. Poor Nikki, honey. I am so, so sorry…

But we love you Nikki. I am praying for your peace and health now.


I didn’t know you were pregnant. :frowning: This is so heartbreaking. Sending love at this hard time. :frowning:

Awww Nik, I am soooo sorry, Little Bunny was so special to all of us and I am just so very sorry, So many of us have been through this and understand your pain all too well,. Please go to the doctor so you will know you are ok and have no further issues, We are all crying for you and hubby and sending lots of hugs and prayers your way. If you want or need to talk you know we are all out here for you any time. And I for one am so glad you chose to tell us even if it was early days, you allowed us to be a part of something wonderful, never feel like you shouldn’t have shared it with us. Love You,

(do you need anything?)


This makes me so sad for you, Nikki. :cry:

So sorry Nikki, I know how excited you were.