Bountiful Baby has 34 Kits ON SALE as of 6:00 AM March 10


I have again put 34 different kits on sale at HALF PRICE, just like I did about two weeks ago (the sale from two weeks ago was originally announced at: Another BB Kit Sale?).

Again, this sale is for similar reasons as the one two weeks ago. This time, our Order Fulfillment Manager will be going on vacation for about a week and a half, beginning this weekend. So, I want to shift work load (and resulting revenue) away from the time she is gone, and instead generate it now.

In other words, this again is due to staffing work load management, just as before.

As the weekend approaches, kits will be taken off sale one at a time, until we reach a shipping level that matches what I estimate our reduced staff count (with the manager gone) can handle. I don’t know exactly how fast that process will be. But at least you know what is going on.

You can see the kits that are still on sale prominently featured on our home page:

And, as mentioned, it is 34 kits right now, but will change.

Thanks so much everyone!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


YAY! Off to go see what else I don’t need. :wink:


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! You and me both.


Thank you Bountiful Baby :slight_smile:

HI, Nevin,
Thanks for all the kits. Is there a reason Megan rarely comes on sale? I have been waiting for months for her, and am wondering.