Blushing need help

I’m using air dry paints, from hunnibunn. I have lip and nail color and another for crease. The crease one is way darker. And do you blush the whole doll or only her face ?


I do the primary method. Seems to me if you are not doing that then at some point you would do a red wash on the baby depending on what skin tone you are going for.

I wouldn’t “blush” the whole doll but I would do a mottling layer on the whole doll, even if you’re going for a very newborn look, if you overlap the mottling a lot it will make it appear as if it’s red, but less consistent than blushing which gives it a few true to life effect in my experience. I would use a red orange, and a Violet red to do mottling as that can give it depth! But that’s also just how I like the babies to look lol

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Blush the apples of the cheeks, knees and elbows, fingertips and palms, bottoms of feet and toes

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I have the same set from hunny buns reborn supply, when I had just this set, I would take the lip/blush/nail (2 drops) and crease/capillaries (1 small small drop) and mix them together for my blush coloring.
I don’t blush the whole doll although I do use 6-8 mottling layers, I blush cheeks, wrist,ankles,knees,elbows,fingers,toes,inner hands, bottoms of feet