Blotchy Ethnic baby Please Help

I am completely new to reborning .I am attempting to make an ethnic baby .My limbs are coming out blotchy .what am I doing wrong ?can I fix the problem? Have I bet off more then I can chew ?

What type of paint are you using? That is the first thing everyone needs to know. Then we all can go from there.

I am using genesis heat set paints

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Can’t help with that but I see @avyona getting ready to help you, good luck!

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Mix more thinning medium into your mix. 50% paint, 30% thinning medium and 20% or a little more of odorless thinners. It should look like a very very melted milkshake. Paint on witha brush…then pounce off with a sponge. Do not pounce it on with a sponge…as this will cause it to pull it back off. Slather paint on and pounce off well. Dont over pounce or it will get tacky and start to pull it off. Also work on a portion at a time…dont paint the whole arm and then try to pounce. The thinners will flash off.

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Thank you

Here is a video on me painting my head :slight_smile: Painting Levi By Bonnie Brown Part 2 The Head Shading The Gilded Stork - YouTube

Babies leg has decided not to hold the paint .Time to strip and start again

I have blending & maintaining even tones tutorial! I just use the color and odorless thinner. My consistency is similar to “milk”.

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Thanks .i will try these tips tomorrow.

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And also, you might want to try 3 drops of Refinded Linseed Oil it helps with makes the doll blotchy free and makes the paints go on smoothly and evenly when you doing any flesh tone layers especially dark flesh like Flesh 03 and 02, it can be purchased at Micheals, Hobby Lobby, or any other kind of craft store but I got mines at Micheals. Oh, and use gamblin gamsol instead of Mona Lisa paint thinner for painting ethnic babies. Hopes this helps any!
Heres what the Refined Linseed Oil looks like:00489-6104-1-2ww-m