Best place to sell silicone?

I had a 12 inch in eco10 and it was awful. The arms and legs would bend unnaturally just from their own weight. Are you getting a full size doll? I’d be very interested in seeing if the larger size would make it stiffer

Well, this is a 12inch in eco10 as well.

The full body newborn size babies with eco20 and slacker flop unnaturally as well. Ergo why all 3 I’ve gotten have wire stuck in their limbs. Lol!!

I can tell you that eco20 without slacker still bends a little funny but not nearly as much as with the slacker.

These eco20 babies with slacker are a bit dumb to me. Adding slacker makes the silicone weaker. I bet eco10 is equivalent to eco20 with slacker.

Have you held regular eco20 babies without slacker/marshmallow/soft blend?

I’d love if you made a thread or something Once you get her/him. I think this doll could’ve been okay if she had thicker limbs, but they were twig thin. Cute baby though and I paid very little for her

I’m not sure. I have a baby from kimbrydolls and used have one of the arcello silicones, but not sure what type they are


I’m addicted to YouTube videos now so I’ll make a post comparing some once she arrives. My straight eco20 is a partial kit but the limb movement is the same when you hold the stump. At least similar enough to see movement.

Yours looks pretty stringy. This is the one I ordered.

You can click the Facebook links and just see the photos.

All these marshmellow silicones people are so gung ho about have lots of slacker in them. I do not care for them super soft. They are too squishy in an unnatural way to me. They also are harder to paint in that they tend to have more issues with spots not wanting to hold paint sometimes. I have painted Ecoflex 20 and 30 with no additional slacker and to me they have very little difference in them. They are soft enough and yet hold paint well but do not flop all over. They are perfect for minis and partial silicones to go on a cloth body. For a larger full body something softer is better.

Which do you prefer @anjsmiles 10 20 or 30?

@DollChick Can’t wait for your comparison video!

I haven’t tried the 10 but 20 is good. I just got in a soft body silicone and it was way too soft for me. I contacted the person who poured it for me and she said it was Eco 15 blend. She said she would go back and replace the baby with a new one poured with half the slacker she used in this one. I like the replacement much better. These new “marshmellow” silicone babies have lots of slacker in them and I do not like to paint them. Little is known yet really how well they will hold up over time too.

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I didn’t know there was Eco 15. You learn something new every day. Thanks so much for the info.