Best magnets for paci's

hi guys!! Which is the right size and best place to order? The ones I ordered the last 2 times seem so strong… But just aren’t doing there job. Thank you beautiful ladies!!

I use the ones that michaels sells.


Thank you! My micheals doesn’t carry them. I tried the neo earth mags from Walmart and, no good.

That’s strange that they don’t carry them. I have to watch for them in ours cause they stay sold out. I usually buy what they have so I’ve gotten a supply built up.


I’ll check again, maybe they are just Always out!

The N35 Neodymium Magnets work perfect. Always back your magnets with felt to avoid your babies lip paint coming off. You can find them just about anywhere. They do come in different diameters meaning size. They also come in different strength but N35 is fine. 8-10 mm are good for like hair bows and accessories. 12-14 mm are good for pacis. You can buy lots of them off Ebay. Just search 12mm x 3 mm N35 neo magnets. You’ll get more for your money.

But here they are at Walmart but it is better to get them from a place like Ebay

These are ones with a smaller thickness. These are 12mm x 1.5 mm

I’m having no luck with the Walmart ones. I want stronger!

BB and Dollsbysandie sell them too I think.

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Really!? You probably purchased them too small. The BB ones are exactly the same as the Walmart ones. I think you can do N52 but they’ll be really expensive. But purchase N52 in 12 mm too.

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I bought mine through BB :slight_smile:


I’ve bought BB magnets and they work well. I’ve also bought magnets online from k & j magnetics. I even got some really tiny ones for the hair bows for my micro preemies. I glue the tiny one under the loop of the bow and a larger one inside the head.

Do you get circle or rectangular? And what size and strength? Please:-)

I buy the biggest one that BB sells for the inside of the head, but you can order from JR Magnetics right from eBay for less because there is free shipping.


Thank you Pia! I ordered them❤️

I’ve bought round (item# 168-0.375 x 0.125) and rectangular (item# 2190-0.375 x0.25 x 0.10) from BB. The really tiny round ones I think I bought from k & j magnetics.

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Yes! But use a larger magnet on the inside of the head or they will get knocked off constantly. These are good for putting on things like tiny pink rosebuds, itty-bitty bows, etc.


I buy mine from amazon…they are like $11.00 for over 100. work great…super strong!!

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What are they called and how big are they?

Im not for sure these are the exact size ones. But they work great!! same size as bb magnets, a little thinner, but I think they are even stronger.

think these are a bit smaller than ones I got, however you can find the right size, they have a ton of different sizes.

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I ordered the magnets Pia suggested. I thought I was using the right ones- small neo earth rectangular. I had 2 different complaints that the magnets were not holding:-( time to make a change!

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