Asian skintone?

I am in the midst of doing an Asian bubs for a customer…just not sure that I have got the skin tone right.I just need opinions if she has enough detail. It does not show up as well in the photos as in real life but if I could get some critique please…(she will have brown eyes as well…just have these in as I am waiting on her eyes to arrive and don’t like posting without eyes in so ignore the eye colour) I am going for a very soft smooth graduated skin tone so not wanting extreme colour variations from shadowed areas to lighter ones…(her skin is a bit more of a caramel colour than what the camera shows it)
Thanks ladies…will appreciate any comments…


shes cute i love doing asian skin tone babies
depending were you want her from there are many different shades
i looked on google to match skin tones with asian babies

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There are so many variations in asian skin tones, but if you want a sort of generic "Asian’ color, I think I’d go just a bit darker. Especially since the details of the sculpt are not particularly asian, you are going to need to lean in hard on things like hair, eye color, etc. to seal in the asian-ness. I’d go choose a skin tone on Google and just try to duplicate it.

She looks pretty good. Actually I’m not sure what look you’re going for but my baby pictures are actually quite pale. It’s like Caucasian but with some yellow undertones/base. :slight_smile: But for a Filipino type look I think you’re right on.


She’s adorable, Starr! Like already said, the Asian skin tone has a range and I think you’re in it. :slight_smile:

I think the skin tone is Awesome! I can definitely see this baby as Asian.

Thanks ladies…

So I was going for something sort of in this range…<img

src="/uploads/db4141/original/2X/2/2d871aeca5a190b2022651fbb2cb62f91ee2f931.jpg" width=“500” height=“500”>


I think you hit it right on then!

Thanks Izzy, I appreciate it…It is always hard when you are looking at your own work to imagine what other people see so I really appreciate the feedback… :smile:

It looks great, Starr. I was going to add maybe do some yellow/burnt umber shading here and there, but that’s it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Izzy…will definitely take that on board. She is a wee bit darker than the photos…I had to use a flash cause it is night here and all my proper lighting is packed and at the other house so my shots are not so good…(not that they ever are but at the moment I have a real excuse…heehee)


I was thinking the same thing.

So is this better or does she need more? (sorry the pics are not that great…her eye has gone wonky too…lol she’ll get brown ones tomorrow anyway…


Judging from the pic, I’d say another Burnt Umber wash. If she’s darker in person, then I’d leave her. She is so stinkin’ cute!

Thanks Amy…she is actually darker in person…My blessed flash lights her up…I tried without a flash but it is night time here so it looks even less like her…Appreciate the help…

I thought so. Then, I’d say you’ve got it! :slight_smile:

I think you are right on target but maybe just a little more shading as Izzy said if looking to match the picture. You always do beautiful babies I know you will make the right color choices.

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It’s difficult to judge on computer, but on my screen she looks bit too orange. From what I am seeing, I would do blue or green wash, or both.

Starr!!! You are so AMAZING!!! :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2: