Are your babies flawless?

I have not seen many reborns in person besides my own so I’m curious are your babies flawless or do they always have some imperfections? I usually see a tiny speck of something in the paint or an area that the paint is out of the line or something. Is this normal and will get better as I get better? Or do even the best prototype dolls have some imperfections?

I am always critical of my work and never truly think any are great…I always notice something wrong.

What is everyone’s experience with this?


I think this aspect of reborning rewards patience and a crazy amount of “perfectionist” tendencies :laughing:

I hate when I see things like tiny hairs stuck in the paint, etc. I live with cats - this is a real problem for me! :laughing:

But I can honestly say the most “flawless” reborn I own is Alexis from Picket Fence Babies. The skin glows! I can’t describe it. The detail up close in person is amazing! I hope to one day paint this good.

So yeah I get what you’re saying. I have worked on a few reborns so far and I haven’t measured up to “perfection” but I think the important thing is to keep practicing and take your time.

Edit: And yes I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I use the term “flawless” here in that manner :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness! You are sooo sweet! Thank you so much for your high praise. I was just going to come on and say I’ve never painted a flawless reborn. I try but there are always imperfections.


I’d have to say there are always things that aren’t “perfect” or “flawless” but we typically look past them because… Who is perfect?


I always see some really great babies and wonder if those artists also look at them and find small things they don’t like.

When I take pictures to list my dolls I don’t want to be misleading but I also don’t want to take a close up of every small imperfection because I don’t know that a buyer would see it the same way.


You should be transparent about big booboos.
Be up front and show the major whoopsies.

Likely the buyer is going to marvel over the whole reborn. Little things that may bother you, they may never even notice or even think you intended it that way. You’ll learn from what you do and if you are a new artist, price accordingly, and/or keep your first few untill you feel more comfortable selling.

I think all artists have little things they’d have liked to have come out better, there’s always room for improvement.

That doesn’t make an unlovable reborn. They are unique art, not flawless.


That is true, but perhaps things the aren’t necessarily boo boos, collectors could see as flaws. I know my toddler isn’t perfect at all, but I love her! They may not have considered her veins a boo boo, but they aren’t the greatest. They’re weird.

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Just as none of us are perfect… none of our Reborns will be either. But somebody will love them… imperfections and all


I think any handmade item will have imperfections.


I think we all strive for perfection. I paint and root under a magnifying lamp to make sure that I do not miss any unwanted imperfecctions. I look for fibers uneven paint in the cracks and crevices. I guess I am overly cautious but some things drive me crazy…lol


Since they are hand made, there will always be some sort of tiny imperfection


I see imperfections in all my dolls. My boyfriend doesn’t always see them. I think most people who are creative will find flaws in their own work. But that’s okay. It’ll motivate you to do even better next time.


I have dolls from many artists and I don’t see their flaws. I see mine I make glaringly. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I mean, they’re always going to have things that you would do better or pay more attention to in hindsight. Like that one fingernail that didn’t look as great as all of the others or that one time where you had a baby to pronounced behind the knee. All dolls are individuals just like us. There is going to be a flawed human touch, but that is why Reborns are worth so much more than flawless factory dolls.


I feel like factory produced ones are… flaws. Sometimes they may even have paint that is off a bit, or like my Chloe’s Look of Love, one of her nostrils is wonky.


Thanks everyone! This helps a lot! I will continue trying to improve but I am thinking I will never be completely satisfied with my own work :slight_smile: that’s ok though, it’s still very enjoyable!


I think some things you’ll just have to


I try very hard but there are always things I am unhappy with.


I strive very hard to be perfect. All the seasoned artists here I only see perfection as a buyer. I don’t want to sell any reborns. I thought I would initially but I now see how many imperfections I have when I put on my magnifying glasses. I am content to keep practicing and enjoying the fun and addiction of reborning.


Yay! Way to go @ellakabella !!!
Now I am seriously pissed at myself not buying that baby from you :wink: