Anyone pre-order Penelope by Alicia Toner?

I pre-ordered and have my tracking number from Truborns, but there has been no update since June 30th where it indicates the label was created. Do you think they are waiting until a certain date to actually release them? Or is this just one of those flukes where the post office is not updating the status? I only ask because I’m going out of town for the weekend and don’t want the box sitting on my porch.

I didn’t order her so I’m useless, but she is so adorable! I wish I would’ve gotten one but I’m convinced that I’m not going to become the kit hoarder that doesn’t even reborn herself. :wink:

I preordered from Macpherson’s and I rec’d my invoice last week, paid and they said after inspection they would be going out. I figure maybe by the end of next week or so they should ship. Just a guess. I don’t know how long it takes for them to get them in and inspect. Sorry, I really don’t know, No help here.

I did ! Can’t wait to see in person, I’m not sure when she will be released I thought I read somewhere July 8th, could be mistaken.

I preordered through DALD and haven’t received an invoice for the balance.

Stupid question, who is DALD?

Can you have packages held @ the post office until you get back or is it coming by some other shipping method?

There are no stupid questions here but I don’t know, either.

Where did you see an awake penelope? I’d love to see

Wow! Adorable. Thx!

Dream A Little Dream Nursery. She is one of 2 US distributors for Baby FX paints.

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Thanks. I didn’t think to clarify when I put the initials. :blush:

I was just invoiced for mine and paid this morning. I hope I can do her justice can’t wait to see her.

Mine is the same way, no updates since the 30th when the label was printed. Hopefully there will be updates soon.

I haven’t even gotten notification that my label was printed! LOL! Alicia says that the dealers are on hold for the COAs.

It’s like they started to get ready and then had to put it on hold. I hope they ship soon.

Well, the tracking hasn’t changed and the post office is closed tomorrow, so I won’t worry about Penelope anymore this weekend.

Woo hoo! Penelope will be here tomorrow!

I preordered too, no messages on when to expect my package. No tracking, no nothing. Hopefully I’ll have a notice in my email soon too! :grinning:

I ordered from Macpherson’s and I have heard NOTHING yet, Invoice Paid !!!