Another nuwave bites the dust!

Man oh man… I go through these things! Lol what the heck am I doing that my parts shatter on a monthly? Anyway… This time it was my extender ring… Cracked right in half. :zipper_mouth_face:

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WTH??? Isnt it metal?


They still have this deal going on. As far as I know anyways

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I dont know!!! But I go through them like crazy!!! Want to see something seriously adorable?


Lady and the Tramp style?


That is insane! I have my one for all this time, over a year. I lay my lid down gently on a towel on the floor. I kinda try to be easy with it I guess because it is mostly glass and the heat can cause it to shatter. I hope you get one that is sturdy :wink:

Mine is plastic… I upgraded to the Amber one, but the extender ring was the old plastic. Today it split right in half! I’m sure I have an extra one… Somewhere in storage. I ordered a new one already( thanks @jlesser) just in case I already broke that one. I do t know what I’m doing… I’m not rough with them! I did buy them used off eBay though… :thinking:

I get the glass ones with the metal stand for the lid…I have
been reborning for over 8 years …originally baking in
my kitchen oven…BUT…since I’ve started using
halogen oven…I’ve NEVER had one to last much
over a year…if that long!!! :rage:

I buy the off brand ones…not the actual “NuWave” ones…


Time to switch to air dry, y’all! I hear about those nuwaves breaking all the time. An appliance that doesn’t last more than a year is not worth buying, whether it bakes babies well or not!


I have to give you some major credit for the gorgeous babies that you do with air dry. I am struggling with these! Lol getting there I think but I don’t know how you make it look so good! Lol

Don’t know how much you all are paying for the nuwave, but I bought (a turn the dial) one from the net, cost me $40 au, and have had it for 2 years + with no problems. The temp dial is always set on the right heat and then just do the time thingy, and that’s it. Can get a pic and a brand if you want.
PS Glad we are up and running again. Missed not reading all the posts from you lovely ladies.


I’ve had my NuWave for almost 2 years. It’s all plastic and I haven’t had any issues with cracking. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this, Nikki. :cry:

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Are you using FX? What kind of problems are you having?

Yea the baby fx- I was mixing them according to the directions and they were extremely chalky and not sticking well

I am getting a chalky baby too! And I am trying to follow the directions exactly when mixing paints, although I am pouncing with a cosmetic sponge instead of the stippling Mellissa George recommends. I just don’t see how you can ever get it smooth stippling with a #8 round brush.

I don’t recommend mixing the paint like the directions say

@anjsmiles sells a beginner tutorial for $10 that I would recommend if you are unsure of the consistencies - it helped me a TON

I’m not having any problem with consistency of the paint. It went on just fine. It’s more the look of chalkiness when it dries. Does her tutorial help with that? Also, I don’t like some of the colors in the standard set. The lip color is bright!

Yes - mixing it according to her tutorial cures the chalkiness!

She also gives mixtures for the lip, blush colors etc. in there and it’s very detailed. It’s for sure worth $10 to me