Advice about dolls not selling

Hi everyone, I listed my dolls on Facebook and Poshmark and Mercari and Ebay. I said 222.00 for Rebekah and 195.00 for Dakota. I figured I would get a lower offer, no offers.

I bought a doll from someone on Mercari and she sells them for about 130.00 because she likes making them.

I know there are scams and people think they won’t actually get what they’re looking at. I like making them and I can’t let them pile up at home.

I can’t really pay a fee every month for Any advice?


Really seems like you are doing what you can. All I can think of is maybe try running an auction on eBay instead of a BIN to attract attention and hope it goes for a decent price. You could maybe make some more dolls, get 5 or 6 ready to sell and then pay for a month on Reborns. Lower priced dolls seem to do really good on there. There are some FB selling groups you could join if you haven’t already as well. Best of luck, beautiful babies! :slight_smile: x


Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

I think sales are way down…WAY down. I watch ebay daily …

I’ve said before I think it’s a combination of a flooded market…and waning lack of interest in the collectors…which is a killer for artists😢

When I search ebay I search…
Auctions only…highest price first. I scroll all the way down to the $200 point and can count on ONE hand dolls that have bids.

I usually start my dolls at $699 and sell them.

The doll I have on now is the 3rd listing for her. No bites at $699…SO…I lowered to $199 to try to entice a bid…and she did get a bid…but if no one else bids and she goes for that amount I will basically be in the hole…but hey…that’s less than the $600 transaction amount sticky fingers wants a piece of.


Oh no. That stinks. Yeah, its tough. I don’t know what to do. I love making them but I can’t keep them all. I would sell it for way less if I knew someone who really wanted one and couldn’t afford it.

Do people even want them anymore though?

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They do, but it takes longer.

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Your babies are beautiful a priced definitely low so I agree with what the other ladies are saying. Do you have a social media account like Instagram, someplace a buyer could go and see you as an artist, just a thought :two_hearts:


What is your ebay name i would like to follow you

I don’t have one but I could make one. That’s a good idea. Thank you :blush:

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I think low priced dolls sells well on Reborns (as well as very high priced dolls).
Make 5 of them and list them there. $30 a month would be better than EBay fees anyway.


Cherie, you should try Reborns also.
My heart bleeds when I see that you absolutely stunning work gets relisted on EBay again and again, how low they go, and how much fees you had to pay.


If you do, I would be happy to follow you just let me know and I will be there!

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Thank you.

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I am thinking very hard about joining if
Ebay stays this way…

Thank you for your sweet comments about my babies!!!


It really is a safe place to sell babies, no fakes, no knock offs. I know the monthly seems steep but there are no other fees, and just pay when you have babies to sell. It might not get as much traffic as other platforms but it is a captured audience. My only beef is people trying to sell a 24.00 Bountiful baby kit for 100 bucks.

If you have skills, already have a good client base, are doing really good work you shouldn’t have trouble selling.

The get-rich-quckers don’t do well, or they don’t do well for long, Dave has a feedback loop and people go down fast. It keeps buyers and sellers honest.


That may be the lowest price point ever.

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Lack of sales is depressing. I love painting but I’m not running a home for orphaned reborns. I’ve slashed my prices but they sit unsold for weeks.

Long gone are the days when they sold 10 minutes after listing :rofl:


Yep…got one bid…and barely any looks.

I think I will finish Pascale up…then do Jupiter.

That will give me 3 babies to list on at one time…

Will have to figure out how to work it.

So…NO nursery name on pix? Do you load them using a host like imageshack which is what I have now??

I am sure when I get started I will have more questions…but we just got back from buying plants and bushes…Chuck makes my brain tired😫

I am not an “instant” decision maker…I like to mull things over a bit and he wanted to pick pretty much a BUNCH of stuff out today…I am ready for coffee and a half of a muffin my sis got at the local coffee shop…tastes like its got about 40 grams of fat in it…in other words…delicious!! :rofl:


I looked at and it looks really overwhelming with sooo many pictures and the long long descriptions and the other info you have to provide.

It just seems too hard and too overwhelming even for a buyer, worse for a seller. How do you navigate the website?

Its kind of like too many choices and you give up.


Very easy to list, you are mostly just checking of a bunch of boxes, Dave has it all there for you. Loading photos is drag and drop from your phone or computer, it doesn’t have to be a hosted site. I would stay with PayPal if you have it. No watermarks, but honestly people have no trouble removing them and sometimes don’t even do that, thieves find a way.

You will have an email through reborns that you have to answer directly from the platform even if it goes to you personal email. It will only working on platform, it has its advantages.

Things are still slow but I think anyone who goes through that much trouble to keep a site safe is worth working with. No knock offs, and scammers get the boot fast.