Advice about dolls not selling

@cherielynn09 I agree with Gina, it’s so easy and quick (if you did it once), you don’t even have to write much of your own text if you don’t want to.
You upload your 20 photos right from the listing, you can shuffle them in the order that you want after that.
You can pay an extra $1 to ‘promote’ your baby on the scrolling line at the top, but I honestly think that the majority of people don’t even look there.
With the 4 doll show coming up, it might be slower now, but not everyone goes to the show, so again, in my opinion it’s 100 times better than Ebay.

Let us know when you do your listing, so we can follow you there and like your babies.
Again, usually people who put a like on a baby are not the buyers, but it helps to see how popular that particular baby is.

Almost 700 artists use it (including foreign), so it’s not hard at all even with a language barrier.


Thank you.
Maybe Ill try it.

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I agree with what Gina and everyone else says here about reborns. I been on there several years now and left ebay in my rear view mirror. I was not selling at all on Ebay once China took over and at least here I do sell. When I come back from DOTW I will list what I have left over on there.


It is hard with the Scams and the fake stuff and China. It all feels unfair. I can’t keep making them if I can’t sell them at all. Mine aren’t great but they aren’t terrible and Im not trying to get rich. Id be ok with 100.00 a doll so I could continue to make them.

Its an expensive hobby and then you have dolls piling up. Its kind of sad because you start to think your art work isnt good enough but in reality people dont believe they will really receive whats in the pictures you post.

They steal a picture of a reborn doll and send a walmart factory doll.
Its ■■■■■■■■ and its annoying.

sorry, Im having a fit😩


A lot of kits are over $100 now. You don’t want to be in the hole.


That’s true.
I don’t know what to do.

You don’t have to do really long descriptions or check all the boxes that are available. Some people have descriptions that are pages long and a disclaimer that rivals the privacy practices and return policies of big corporations. I never do and I’ve never read one of those in it’s entirety. You’re allowed up to to 20 pictures but the actual number you provide is up to you. You don’t need a whole lot. Just enough to showcase the baby accurately in natural positions (no sitting, sleeping babies). It helps to have good, clear pictures of hair rooting and nails, and let the buyer know what items come with it. All the dolls I’ve sold online have sold on There’s only the monthly membership fee (which you don’t have to pay when you have nothing listed) and any PayPal or other payment fees. No percentage of sales like on eBay and other sites.


Oh ok.
That sounds pretty good.
Thank you.

You’re welcome. PM me if you need any help.

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Ok. Thank you so much.

How much you add for shipping

I charge actual shipping cost. If it fits in a flat rate box I charge that. If it doesn’t, I find out the zip code then take it to the post office to find out what it costs and then add that to the price.