Adorable New Release ~ Realborn® Katie Asleep is Here!

We have exciting news!

Our long waited for Realborn, Katie Asleep, is here at last! Katie will likely be our last new release before the summer, so pick her up while you can!

Katie’s Realborn is about 18.25 inches long once completed. She is such an adorable small newborn size! She has the squishiest lips and the sweetest hands. You can make her yours here: This cuddly little girl is a must have!

Katie’s release is also featured on our home page at:

The real Katie weighed 7lb 3oz at birth. You can see darling photos of her here: katie asleep - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). The real baby is such a stunning girl! Her Realborn captures her beauty so well.

Bountiful Baby


Such a cutie, but I am hesitant. @bountifulbaby, can you provide assurances that this kit has been inspected for the same issues that other recent releases have?


She is so cute! My middle name is Katie so I really want to get her but I have the same concerns as Peachtree… @bountifulbaby is she from the old factory or is she from the new one with the vinyl issues?


I want to get this kit when I can as same name as me but spelled different

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Looking at the flanges it’s the old BB vinyl. Shouldn’t be any issues fingers crossed

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So cute!

Katie is from our original factory. We have not seen paint on vinyl with the original factory.

We are inspecting kits more thoroughly as they go out if they are from the new factory, though, so we shouldn’t be seeing nearly the amount of issues with future kits that are shipped. Inspecting kits as they go out is slowing down shipping a bit, though. Once we catch up after the sales, we should be able to re-inspect before the kits go on the shelf rather than inspecting as they go out.

The new factory has assured us that they won’t paint anything from future shipments. They do understand how big of a deal it is now. We explained to them the issues of how it is not compatible with the paint our customers use, and that it does nothing to improve the quality of the kit. Painting them was a complete waste of time for both them and us. They get that now. It’s been quite a mess sorting out the kits that were painted.