Acrylic paint

Trying something new: Acrylic paint (Folkart) painted my doll then used the folkart outside sealer, took off
my paint. HELP can anyone tell me what went wrong

Sorry, can’t help-----I use GHSP. Someone out there will be able to help you, I know nothing about acrylics.

thank you

I use GHSP and had the same problem with the paint coming off when I paint with GHSP and GHSP matte
I used a cosmetic sponge to apply it

Where did you purchase the folk art? The craft paints generally do not work. You need Artist Acrylics. I use JoSonjas. You also need to wait a minimum of 72 hours up to a week between painting and sealing.

Purchase the folk art from Joann fabric and Michaels craft
I also have and used Artist loft acrylic as a layer then folk art as a layer
I thought when you paint it was 30 min then layer again, the paint had set for 2days before I used the sealer

I still wouldn’t use the folk art paints? Did you prime the kit first? I use a little JoSonjas All Purpose Sealer in my first layer and let that cure for 2 hours, paint, wait 72 hours (3 days) and before sealing. The paints seem to stick better to a primed kit. Also I use the flow medium that goes with my paints as a partial thinner. Craft paints are already low in pigments, add too much water and it just won’t cure properly.

ETA: when painting by the time it is dry to the touch you can go to the next layer, until it is ready to seal, then you wait 72 hours to cure before sealing.

All paints should be totally cured before sealing them. I use a damp q-tip and swipe the piece I have painted. If the paint comes off on the q-tip then the paint is not cured. I do not recommend to use a craft paint, but a high quality artist paint.

I have read before where people used craft acrylics to reborn. I haven’t tried it myself. I agree that artist grade acrylics are better because they have stronger pigments in them. Things to keep in mind are that water breaks down pigment and therefore it is best to limit water to no more than 10 percent of the mix. To further thin use acylic paint thinner or flow medium. You can also add Liquitex Ultra Matte gel to soften the paint pigment colors while increasing the binder ratio in your mix. Like mentioned above, some vinyls do need to be primed to hold the paint better. Lastly, cure time is MINIMUM 48 hours. Acrylics are dry to the touch in about 30 mins, 80% cured in 48 hours and not fully cured for 2-4 weeks depending on humidity levels etc. Before applying sealer, dampen a qtip and rub over the painted pieces to see if any paint color lifts back off. If it does, then it is not cured enough to seal. When sealing, lightly pounce the sealer on with a cosmetic wedge.

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Thank You, I will not use the Folk art paints,I will strip the paint from the kit and I will use only the Artist’s Loft Acrylic Paint I used Liquitex professional Glear Gesso to prep the kit.
the flow medium by JoSonjas and do you think it can be used with Artists’s Loft Acrylic paint.
I thought the paint had to be thin like GHSP, so should i use only 2-3 drops of water?

Thank You!!
I have some Artist’s Loft Acrylic Paint, I will try it

Thank you I have Liquitex Matte medium not gel, will it work

Many brands of acrylic have a flow medium. I do not believe I saw the JoSonjas wont work with other brands, but look to make sure there isn’t one for the artist loft.

The Liquitex ultra matte medium goes into every layer I do…

You will find the acrylis are thicker then thinning out the Genesis. I like a good 2% milk thickness, not watery. Just pounce out till it is blended well. I have 2 sponges per color, I load paint on 1, pound, then use the other to poune till blended.

First THANK YOU to all for the HELP on Acrylic Painting

I will check out the different flow mediums and look for the Ultra Liquitex ( I have Liquitex Matte Medium)
or are they the same?
I always use a two cosmetic sponges also. Will do testing to get the milk thickness
(Glad to know it should not be watery)

To answer your questions, acrylic thinners, mediums, gels etc. are interchangeable by brands as long as they are designed for acylic water based paints. Even the craft grades are interchangeable. I talked extensively to an artist who taught at Michaels here in town and he told me this. This was back when I was painting with Jo Sonjas more often and he said I could mix the brands/types with my paints. The Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium is not the same as the Matte Gel. The Matte Gel is the best to use IMO.

Here is a link to a brief mixing tutorial I did in 2012.
This was done when I was experimenting with using Glass and Tile Medium in my mix. You can omit that product from the mix if you prefer. Some like it and some do not.
For myself I feel I just am able to produce better depth and color definition using the Genesis paints than I was with the Jo Sonjas at the time. That is why I went back to Genesis. However, there are many new/other options on the market now for air dry paints and the depth and definition can be achieved by those who have mastered using them. At the time I did not want to invest in more paints so I never tried adding the artist grade acrylics from other brands but I know they can be used as well interchangeably with Jo Sonjas. So please do not judge the capabilities of what can be done based on what I did here.

Thank You again I will check out the link
I also use GHSP was Testing something new (Acrylic Paint) will continue to mix until I get
Painted two kits with the acrylic , both had a shine, but will not seal 2nd because the sealer took the paint of the first one. Here is pic for you to see (acrylic painted kit) hoping someone will love her with the shine or if the shine bothers me too bad I will take a chance and use a sealer after two more weeks.
What do you think?

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I would just wait a couple more weeks and then seal her. You can also seal acrylics with Genesis Heat Set Matte Varnish if the paints have cured.

Thank you