Is folk art air dry paint ok to use on reborns?

Hi ladies! I know of an artist that uses Folk Art air dry paints on her babies. Is Folk Art air dry paint ok to use on reborns? I’ve heard of Folk Art being used on ceramic dolls. I think you can get the Folk art at walmart and craft stores. Here’s an example of one of the artist’s dolls:
It’s the Easton kit by Michelle Fagan:

Isn’t he cute?


I personally wouldn’t use folk art acrylic paints because they lack the archival properties needed to keep your paint from fading over time. However, you can use artist grade acrylics with confidence. Liquitex has a great line of artist grade acrylics and mediums. Golden does as well. Here’s a few threads to get you started. If you type acrylic paint in the spyglass you’ll find tons of helpful info! This topic has been discussed numerous times here :relaxed: @anjsmiles has provided lots of wonderfully informative tests and discussions as well. She also has an awesome blog! Here’s a link to her blog
Can I use Liquitex and Loew Cornell acrylic paints in metal tubes to create my own air dry paints?


Thanks Summer!

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You’re welcome :blush: