7 month June asleep

I’m pretty terrified to paint my June… I’m still newish to reborning and I’m a very slower worker. I guess I’m just not confident in my ability… she’s pretty overwhelming…,do you super amazing artists get overwhelmed about the bigger kits?


I do about the expensive kits. Maybe one day they will have seconds or a great sale where you can buy one and not feel bad about it having to be perfect.


@BeVixL All you completed babies that you posted on this forum before, even expensive ‘designer’ kits, looked very good. I am sure you will be fine with June. However also nothing is wrong with postponing and gaining your confidence till you ready to do it.


Well thank you for thinking so @YelenaRey I appreciate the boost of confidence!! I think I will leave her for now, do you know if 3 month Joseph is smaller or is he the same size?

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Thank you! Maybe I will try a toddler first and see if I can even handle some thing bigger than a newborn.

Yes because I do one certain aspect at a time, I mean like creases over all parts, so I know this will take me a long time. So I have to have more time to allot per session.